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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Banditry, Others : Enemies Using Camels To Move Deadly Weapons Into Nigeria - ACF

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The Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF), a political and sociocultural association of leaders in Northern Nigeria, has raised the alarm that criminal elements were using camels to move deadly weapons into the country, particularly the northern part of the country. 

The national chairman of ACF, Audu Ogbeh, who raised the alarm on New Year  eve, alleged that the deadly weapons were transported into the country from neighbouring country through Sokoto and Zamfara. 

Ogbeh stated that it would do the country real  good to deal with the situation urgently.

The former chairman  of the People's  Democratic Party(PDP) alleged that some of the weapons being moved into Nigeria include rocket propelled grenades (RPGs) and anti-aircraft guns, lamenting that the criminal elements carry out the illicit arms movement without the nation's security operatives checking the cargoes.

Audu Ogbeh who served as Agriculture  minister during President Muhammadu Buhari first tenure made this know in statement. 

“At the last meeting of our National Executive Council, NEC, in October 2020, our members, particularly from Sokoto and Zamfara, reported that large consignments of camels were crossing our borders into Nigeria with a lot of baggage on their backs on a daily basis. 

“And they observed that nobody checks their baggage and nobody knows what is being brought into Nigeria. The question Arewa Consultative Forum would like to ask the security agencies is what are the camels carrying and where they are heading?

“The ACF is alarmed that this kind of situation should persist at a time when weapons of all kinds are coming into our country and worsening the climate of terror and national uncertainty.

“It is clear now from what we know that, as victims pay ransoms to the kidnappers the money is instantly converted to more sophisticated weapons and instruments of death by the kidnappers. The capacity of these terrorists is rising by the day and we are not far from the moment when the terrorist will become better armed than our accredited security agencies.

“The ACF wants to alert the government about this situation, if they are not aware of it and if they are aware of it, to ask what they are doing about it. Already, it is speculated that weapons as dangerous as Rocket Propelled Grenades RPGs, and anti-aircraft guns are part of the cargo ferried by camels freely into our country from neighbouring countries,” he said. 

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