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Sunday, November 1, 2020

Ndi Igbo, Wike Is Not Your Problem By Vitus Ozoke

                      • Gov. Nyesom  Wike
Some of my Nigerian friends have yet to figure out Gov. Wike of Rivers state. Wike is not a populist. His actions are not driven by what is popular among Nigerians. Wike is a local constituency interest-driven politician. He plays to his home base, something our Igbo governors should learn to do sometimes.

Wike has no plans of running for Nigerian presidency, but if the Constitution allowed for more than two terms, Gov. Wike would win a third to a tenth term among his Rivers people. That's how popular he is among the people that really matter.

Recall when he demolished a hotel at the peak of COVID-19 outbreak in Nigeria, because the owner continued to run the hotel in a manner that violated the lockdown ordinances? Pundits said that would be the end of his political career. I said not so fast. I supported his action. I even argued that he did not violate any laws in doing so.

A few short months after that demolition derby, Gov. Wike led a revolt in Edo state that resulted in the defeat of Abuja and the ruling APC, and the highly improbable reelection of Godwin Obaseki as governor. When that happened, nobody remembered the demolition derby anymore. Wike was once again extolled and lionized as the warrior of opposition government in Nigeria. He even started trending as a candidate for president.

Today, my Igbo friends are bellyaching because Wike has issued a political fatwa on IPOB in Rivers state. How dare the governor of south-south Rivers state ban the activities of a southeast Igbo secessionist group that has hoisted its flag in Rivers state? Really? C'mon, people, let's be realistic for a minute. Why wouldn't Wike ban IPOB in Rivers state? Have Govs. Ugwuanyi, Obiano, Umahi, Uzodimma, and Ikpeazu rolled out red carpet for IPOB in the Igbo states of Enugu, Anambra, Ebonyi, Imo, and Anambra?

Let's be real! Nyesom Wike is the governor of Rivers state who is looking out for the interest of Riverians. No responsible governor will sit and allow his state destabilized by the presence and activities of a group that is known to be at war with federal forces. To allow another episode of the deadly operation python dance in Rivers state will be a failure of leadership on Wike's part.

So, save your energies for Igbo governors. Wike is not your problem. Wike is looking out for Wike's people, nothing wrong with that. Let Ugwuanyi, Umahi, Uzodimma, Ikpeazu, and Obiano look out for their own people. After all, all politics is local.

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