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Thursday, November 12, 2020

Alaafin : Olori Aanu Adeyemi Quits Her Marriage, Says It's Freedom From Bondage

•Alaafin, Olori Aanu & Children

Alleged fleeing Olori Aanu Adeyemi, one of the wives of Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi III, has given insight into why she has decided to quit her marriage to the reverred Yoruba traditional ruler.

Queen Aanu who still remained in hiding, alleged attempted kidnap and threat to her life by the monarch as reasons for her decision to quit and stay out of sight.

Aanu said she could no longer continue to live a life of “bondage,” which her marriage to the Alaafin had, describably, become.  

Disclosing this on Wednesday night using her official Instagram page, the palpably distraught  Olori urged Nigerians to “hold her husband responsible” if any harm befalls her latest decision.

The queen noted that she was devastated to find out that her family members were being harassed in respect of  her whereabouts.

“It is with great sadness that I am putting out this statement. I deem it necessary to do so as I feel my life is being threatened as a result of me walking out of my marriage,” the queen wrote.

“The purpose of this statement is to let all and sundry know that should anything happen to me and my children, it is as a result of my exit from the palace. And the monarch should be held responsible.
“It’s not my wish to walk out. I can’t continue to live under bondage. I wish to live, be the best I can for my children.

“I chose not to grant any interview to any media outlet as this is my personal and private life in which for the sake of my children, I chose to leave quietly in order to live for them. However, if I feel my life is being threatened.

“On to which I walked out of my marriage to protect, I will not be quiet about this. I know people have formed their opinions, either biased or unbiased as to why I made the decision to marry the monarch or leave my marriage.

“Without saying much, walk in my shoes and see where it hurts before judging. This is not to seek any sympathy.

“This is an outcry to protect my life. That I left the palace should not warrant a threat to my life. I can never deny my children the right to their father, however, it is only motherly for me to have them with me,” she added.

“I was appalled to find out that my family is been harassed because my location is unknown to the King. The attempt to also have me kidnapped failed, and I can no longer keep my silence.

“I refuse to live in bondage and will do anything within my human right to be free. I just want to live and be the mother of my children.

“I would like to seize this medium to tender my apology to anyone who perhaps may be disappointed or angry at me for putting out this statement, this has to be done as I don’t feel safe. My life is of utmost importance to me,” she stated.

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