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Tuesday, October 20, 2020

NCFront, Leaders of Conscience Enraged By State Terror Unleashed On Peaceful Protesters

... Accuses Government of colluding with thugs and hoodlums to discredit and scuttle popular Youths action

....Says EndSars peaceful Struggle will continue until Nigeria is reformed

.....Ask Nigerian Youths to reject Government's State Judicial Panel 

From Godwin Akomah, Lagos

Leaders of Conscience under the aegies of the National Consultative Front, NCFront, an emergent alternative to the ruling class in Nigeria has condemned the Nigerian government for unleashing a combination of hoodlums brutality and State terror on peaceful protesters in a desperate ploy to undermine, clampdown and scuttle the Peaceful protest initiated by the Nigerian Youths to reform Nigeria

The alleged shooting by suspected security agents was said to have left tens of protesters injured both from gunshots and the ensuing stampede with about six  people feared dead.

Enraged Nigerians are wondering why a government that gives suspected terrorists second chance could watch while security agents opened fire on innocent and peaceful protesters, harming and maiming them in October, the nation's Independence month.

Already, Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) has condemned the reported shooting at #EndSARS peaceful protesters at the Lekki Toll gate, Lagos, by security agents, saying  it must stop immediately.

 SERAP said under the Nigerian constitution, 1999 [as amended] and human rights treaties to which Nigeria is a state party, the authorities are obligated to respect and protect the right to life and security of the person, the rights to freedom of expression, association, and peaceful assembly of everyone, including peaceful protesters.

Also, the NCFront, in a major statement on Tuesday night and signed by the Head of its National Secretariat, Che Olawale Okunniyi, said from the evidences compiled so far, the Nigerian State and Governments have been exposed as being very reckless and irresponsible in their desperation to scuttle the peaceful protest of the Nigerian Youths, harming and maiming of peaceful Protesters and defenceless Nigerians nationwide

The Statement reads in part: "The NCFront wishes to condemn in the strongest terms, the unstatesmanly panic and jitter betrayed by the Nigerian State and Governments in resorting to blackmail, conspiracy and terror to discredit and scuttle the popular peaceful protest of the Nigerian people spearheaded by the EndSars Movement.

"We are indeed very perturbed by the various reactionary tactics and antics employed and deployed by the Nigerian State to discredit, clampdown and scuttle the historic opportunity provided by the Nigerian youths to reform the failed Nigerian State, currently being run as a criminal enterprise and the poverty capital of the world with the teeming Youths of Nigeria bearing the most brunt of terrible state of the country.

"However, given our experience of popular struggle of the people all over the world, the latest antics of the Nigerian government and ruling class to foist erroneous impression that the EndSars protest has gone awry and out of hands inorder to scuttle it with reactionary clampdown and terror can not stop this popular national action, whose time has come as the Nigeria youths and people will have cause to return to the streets soon as their crucial demand to reform and reset Nigeria away from a corrupt and brutal governance system is yet to be met and may have to be pursued henceforth by all Nigerians of conscience, who desire an immediate end to the present exploitative political system in Nigeria

"However, we wish to salute and commend the Nigeria youths and the EndSars Movement for the unequalled sacrifices and resolve to liberate our country from State brutality and poverty as we condemn a situation where the Nigerian state collude with hoodlums and thugs to attack, maim, shoot and kill peaceful EndSars protesters nationwide

"This unprecedented State conspiracy and attacks against popular and peaceful action of the Nigerian masses is nothing but uncivilized and wicked, thereby hanging the blood of all those brutalised, maimed, shot and murdered during the EndSars Protest on the head of the Nigerian State. To this end, we call on the Nigerian Youths in Protest against the maiming and killing of their peers to reject government state judicial panels as they are Greek's gift meant to scam and neutralise the popular struggle initiated to bring about a reformed Nigeria that works for all.

"Finally, we, by this statement, put the international community, especially the United Nations on notice of the human rights crimes committed by the Nigerian Government against peaceful and defenceless Citizens of Nigeria and also call on all Nigerians of Conscience to rise against the latest State brutality and anarchy in Nigeria as the Front will in the succeeding days hold an inclusive meeting of all Leaders of Conscience to review the EndSars Struggle and the way forward."

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