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Sunday, October 4, 2020

Hashtag, Social Media Campaigns Not Enough To Make SARS, Others Accountable - Buhari's Aide

The Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on digital and new media , Tolu Ogunlesi, has said that hashtag and social media campaigns are not sufficient to make Operatives of the Federal Special Anti - Robbery Squad (FSARS) accountable for their actions.  

The Inspector-General of Police, IGP, Mohammed Adamu, had on Sunday afternoon banned the personnel of the dreaded FSARS and other ‘Tactical Squads’ of the Force from operating on Nigerian roads.

Ogunlesi who in series of tweets was reacting to the cries by Nigerians over alleged human rights violations by SARS, a special police unit, said it would take a multilayered oversight efforts to bring about the desired positive change in policing of  the country and citizens.

"This policing issue is in my view largely about accountability & oversight. One starting question is: what are the external levels of oversight,in addition to whatever oversight the Police Leadership is providing. This is where CSOs come in. See this from @PoliceNG in 2018.

"Hashtags and social media campaigns have their place but the outcomes being expected will take more than hashtags to produce. For starters, it’d be interesting to know which CSOs/consultants were enlisted in this 2018 accountability mechanism. Its definitely time to re-engage.

"IG has spoken, issued directives, which we all welcome. & there’s concensus that enforcement is the koko. Now, that level of accountability will not happen by hashtag. Will only happen by multilayered oversight efforts by citizens/CSOs,in addition to internal Police oversight.

"And this is not even a conversation about FSARS alone,it’s about law enforcement generally. Note that FSARS is not the only tactical squad cited in today’s directives. There’s STS, IRT, ACS and others. Anyone who thinks the conversation is about SARS alone misses the full pic(ture)," he tweeted on Sunday.

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