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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

FSARS, Others : Adeola Proposes Bill To Prosecute Extra Judicial Killings

                          •Senator Adeola

From Godwin Akomah, Lagos

Amidst the nationwide agitation against brutality of men of the now defunct Special Anti-Robbery  Squard, SARS of the Nigeria Police Force, a bill empowering National Human Right Commission to investigate and prosecute all extra-judicial killings by officers and men of the Armed  Services and Nigeria Police Force passed the first reading on the floor of the Senate on Tuesday.

 The Bill, an initiative Senator Solomon Adeola,  was submitted for legislative action since March, according to  Chief Kayode Odunaro, his media aide.

The Bill “ National Human Right Commission Act CAP N46 LFN 2004(Amendment) Bill,2020(SB. 526)” seeks to curb the rampant incidence of extra-judicial killings by amending the National Human Right Act, CAP N46, Law of the Federation of Nigeria,2004 to vest power to investigate and prosecute officers of armed agencies of the Federal Government of Nigeria suspected of involvement in extra- judicial killings in the National Human Right Commission.

Commenting on why he seeks for the amendment, Adeola, an All Progressives Congress(APC) Senator representing Lagos West,  stated that the current situation of handling such extra- judicial killings internally by agencies of the suspected culprits cannot achieve any justice for victims and their families as it amount to presiding over one’s case.

“My view is that a separate agency of government should be empowered to investigate and prosecute all reported and unreported cases of such extra-judicial killings and a well place agency for such task is the National Human Right Commission as the extra judicial murder is a matter of fundamental Human Right to life,” he stated.

The Senate Committee Chairman on Finance noted  that over time, the non -investigation and diligent prosecution of suspected extra-judicial killers has led to impunity among some armed agents of the government in whimsically depriving citizens of their fundamental right to life.

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