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Friday, October 16, 2020

Delta State, 21 Years Of PDP And The Pitiable State Of Nsukwa By Joseph Chiadika

One writes with a heart encumbered with burden and a face encompassed with opprobrium due to the pitiable and apologetic state of one's beloved motherland - Nsukwa Enede, a town in Aniocha South Local Government Area(LGA) of Delta State. 

It is politically delineated as Ward7. To better understand her plight, the reader is invited to  follow this kaleidoscopic historiographical study of Nsukwa. We have thousands of strong and energetic manpower! Our agricultural resources include economic food crops, fruits and vegetables. We are blessed with a fertile soil where cash crops as rubber and palm flourishes, crude oil, timber of great economic value and natural water supplies amidst other physio-natural endowments including our centred and strategic geographical location.

The above notwithstanding, we are among the least developed communities in the state economically and we are so ostracized socially that we have become extraneous in the sociopolitical institutions in the state and Local Government in particular.

Politically, we all have seen how our people were disenfranchised and relegated to the ground where we feed from other people's crumbs for decades. Since Hon. Van Nwoko in the then Bendel State, we have arguably never been represented in the House of Assembly or any other higher political office except for Local Government councillorship (which by the way is often controlled by others) while members of other communities under Nsukwa clan enjoy juicy political appointments and we are made to simply chant their praise publicly or whimper in agony in our closet.

Economically, we have laboured under onerous taxation measures in forms of outright civil service taxation, market levies and other state and LGA revenue collections without receiving sufficient social amenities to justify them. It would seem that we are becoming a victim of economic annihilation through a gradual but steady process.

It worths stating it here that aside the outdated, decaying and almost abandoned NGS, there is no Secondary School for our teeming youngsters while other communities have more than one fully functional and standardized secondary schools. A look at our Health care would elicit an embarrassing result which shows some sort of discrimination as we cannot boast of a hospital. I would have loved to mention the corrugated and utterly unworthy state of our road and ruins brought by the NDDC abandoned road projects that traverse our community. 

Do we have portable source of pipe borne water? No. Electricity? Nothing to talk about. Our post office? It has collapsed. Have our people paid their civic cum political dues? Incontrovertibly yes! Why then must we be victims of studies official victimization?

Every election, they come, all, chanting their fake promises. Let me tell us, these politicians care less for Nsukwa - Enede as they care for their votes. Hence, I dare say that over the years, we have been tricked, bamboozled, hoodwinked, fooled and led astray by politicians who claim they are committed to saving us from hardship but in truth are only interested in enslaving us the more.

We have reached a cross road and it is time for us to decide which is the right course to follow. We are confronted with routes leading to diverse goals but it is conspicuous that there is only one road to tread and that is the road to self determination. All the PDP stakeholders concerned must look critically into our plights. A 9people pushed so hard to the wall may have no other option than to react. 

PDP has always called on Nsukwa and we have always answered, now Nsukwa is calling on PDP led state government; would it not answer?

Joseph Chiadika, a native of Nsukwa - Enede, was formerly on the Feature Desk of the  Pointer Newspaper, Asaba. 

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