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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

'PSL Out To Complement Govt's Efforts At Empowering Nigerians' - Abraham

The Leadman of Possibility Specialists Foundation (PSL), Egona Abraham, has disclosed the scheme is a humanitarian centered development programme designed to complement government's efforts at empowering people to actualise their dreams and attain financial freedom.

Abraham added that PSL operates with strategic ideologies to make subscribers to its ideals, achieve financial freedom through proper channelling of mutually pooled funds.

The business tycoon and philanthropist, told reporters that the empowerment company's business philosophy is anchored on the fear of God, proven integrity, transparency, financial savvy and discipline.

He noted the company with Headquarters in Ijebu - Ode, Ogun State, is duly registered to operate in the country while its activities are also open to routine scrutiny by appropriate Government agencies to ensure accountability, transparency and high ethical standard.

He said: "PSL is a ministry of reconciliation with virtual presence all over Nigeria and major countries in the World, it not an online company. Simply put, PSL is joining hands with our government in making life comfortable for the masses especially through her skill acquisition, trainings and empowerment offers."

Father Abraham as he is fondly called, said the dynamic organization comprises people of mutual trust for mutual benefits, who know each other one - on - one, and have faith in each other.

He said: "we have been involved in verifiable services to our numerous partners and donors for the past 21 years including days when it was not registered and building the strong foundation it has now. Today, it’s now a conglomerate led by God.

"Over the years, PSL has affected thousands of Nigerians positively who will speak boldly for the company at anytime; we have been tested, proven and found worthy to alleviate poverty and the pains of thousands, through centralizing of efforts together to achieve a common goal which is success delivery with no excuses”

Abraham also explained that PSL seeks to correct misconceptions and ills in society and country, where truth is hard to find, hence, the following three-fold vision of redefining the concept of truth and prove that it is obtainable in this part of the world.

He gave insight into how the scheme works to profit subscribers(members).

"Getting empowered by PSL requires one to be a member(subscriber) and donate a minimum amount of N100,000 or a maximum of N5million payable to any of our accounts and the donor will be receiving 20% monthly empowerment of the amount donated for 15 months with opportunity for members to earn for life by compounding their empowerment funds individually as often as possible.

"You will be entitled to 20% monthly empowerment as a donor for a 15-month co-ownership period, giving you a total of 300% less tithes deducted for caring for the less privileged and all your benefits will be credited into your local bank account directly, no third party deposits. You can have multiple donations in PSL and enjoy empowerment concurrently on them. Each donation stands alone with a - 15 - month periodic expiry. All capital guaranteed by the grace of God.

 "For instance you have N1m but the project you want to do is N3m, all you need do is to send your N1million and PSL will empower you with 20% every month to be able to cope with that project and it is that projects that PSL will now help you service gradually.

"Someone that wants to buy a car in six months time because the money is not complete today can avail himself of the scheme by putting in his funds and let the small funds pay the whole. It is as simple as that. Houses can be built by you with this unique and simple ideology of helping one another. It is amazing to know that PSL is not political inclined but a Christian body affecting lives worldwide"

"It might even be for fish pond development. Somebody who dropped  N400,000 can tag it "fish pond development." Now, when PSL is paying you N74,700, for depositing 400k, as you're receiving it monthly, you're using it to develop your pond truly".

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