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Sunday, September 20, 2020

Nigeria: Shocking Occurrences Coming In October - Prophet Olayiwola

From Ayobami Ife, Abeokuta

The General Overseer of the Divine Universal Church Of Christ International, Itedo Ayo, Abeokuta, Dr. Olayiwola Mercy, has asked Nigerians to expect shocking occurrences in the coming month of October.

Rev. Olayiwola whose church is situated at Oke Berger-Idi Mango area of Abeokuta, urged Nigerians to seek the face of God for His mercy and compassion, praying that the coming October will usher in better opportunities for the country's strive for greatness, recalling that it is also her anniversary month of attaining nationhood.

Nigeria will be 60 on October 1.

The clergy said all eyes are on the nation's leaders and seat of power in expectation of quality governance and solutions to the people's sufferings, warning that whoever that is afflicting Nigerians with pains would not escape the wrath of God.

He decried the administration of president Muhammadu Buhari, saying  it has not done enough to meet the increasing needs of Nigerians, particularly the poor masses.

Olayiwola said. ''I have been in this country for over fifty years,  I haven't seen a government like this in my life and I don't pray to see it again. I think they said we are practicing democracy in this country?

''We are not practicing democracy here, Nigeria is practicing demoncracy. If it is to be democracy, do we need soldiers to monitor  election for us. We are joking, we go no where with this government.

''A government that is not effectively tackling the terrorists and bandits that are against his own country? 

''Look at the level of insecurity, traveling from one state to another is now a risk of life.

''Freedom of speech is now hate speech.
Tribalism is now the topic of everyone.
We have never been divided like this before.

''We are divided politically, culturally, socially, religiously, ethnically etc. And you call this a government? It is time to call a spade a spade before it is too late.

While speaking on the solution to Nigeria's problem, he urged Nigerians  to  come together with courage and speak with one voice against Buhari's government.

''They can not kill all of us at once, let's use what we have individually to send them away.

''The Pastors should gather in hundreds, the imam's should gather in hundreds, the traditionalist also should gather in hundreds and pray to save this country.

''I will be the last person to believe that buhari is the one ruling this country. I know that something unsual will happen in the month of of October this year.

''This agitation from all tribes is getting hotter day by day and can result to anything.

''Spiritually, I can see spiritual people gathering together with their faces facing the sit of power. The meaning is that there will be shocking occurrence."

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