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Saturday, September 5, 2020

I Was Once Very Overweight - Popular StyleInfluencer

               •Style influencer, Ada

Popular style and fashion influencer, Ada Ujaligwa, has revealed the secret of her youthful look and adorable body shape.

Ada said it did not come cheaply.

The Product reviewer said her new look is the dividends of healthy lifestyle, confessing that she was once an Overweight woman.

She made this known while comparing her look in 2008 and what it is this September to encourage her followers battling with weight issues and desiring to appear slim fit. 

 She identified one Nonye Ogbuabo as the secret of her body shape.

"March 2008 VS Sept 2020 ( As in 2 days ago).

"Dividends of a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.

"Yes I was once very overweight.

"The body I have now didn’t come easy at all.... 

"I still have the tendency to gain a lot of weight if I don’t discipline myself through healthy eating and regular exercise.... 

"Every sacrifice, every sweat, every ache and every pain I endured to achieve and maintain a healthy weight was SOOOOOO WORTH IT.

"Jesus Igweeeeeeeeee.

"Start today sis.... Wait no more, waste no further time

"Run to Nonye Ogbuabo to help you.... This is her.

"Chineke Daalu.

"There are so many enjoyable facets to a healthy lifestyle... 

"Apart from the health benefits of preventing many chronic disease like hypertension and diabetes both of which where the major reasons I had to fight tooth and nail to loose the unhealthy weight because I have a family history of both diseases.... 

"Looking far younger than your age is another major motivating factor.

"And being able to effortlessly dress up in outfits that further reinforces people’s belief that you are your children’s sister is a huge bonus I enjoy immensely.
                     • Ada and her son

"Two  years ago when my son got admitted into the University, I was mistaken for one of the first year students by his classmates ..... They actually thought I was one of them..... Meawhile I was there with my husband to settle our son into the University.

"Hearing my son telling them I am his mother in a bid to try to correct their impression by gave me inexplicable joy.

"Faithful God.

"Adopting a healthy lifestyle of eating right and keeping active is a no brainer ....." 

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