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Thursday, September 3, 2020

I Want To Remain Evergreen With My Fuji Music In People's Minds - Osupa

...As OOU's Professor Of Sociology Intimates The Music Legend With New Book Written About Him
•L-R, 'Lamide, Osupa, Prof. Obatunde, Alarape and one other

From Babalola Gafar, Abeokuta

Popular  entertainment Legend, Akorede Babatunde Okunola Saheed,  has given insight into his genre of Fuji music and the philosophy behind those wholesome songs that characterised it. 

The fuji maestro, popularly called Saheed Osupa, told entertainment reporters at his Magbodo residence, Lagos, that he desired to be remembered even after his demise, hence, his reason for singing songs full of morals.
Saheed Osupa noted that the documentation of his music is for people to make reference to it when he is no more. 

Osupa spoke when the quartet of Special Adviser to Governor Dapo Abiodun on Youth Affairs, Olamide Lawal, a lecturer at the Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU), Ago - Iwoye, Prof. Obatunde Adetola, the Silverbird Television Camera man in Ogun State, Rafiu Alarape and one other visited him at Magboro residence, Lagos.

 Adetola, a Professor of Sociology at OOU, in company of others,  was in Osupa's home to intimate  the Fuji Music legend with a new book, Saheed Osupa: Adventure Into Fuji Music, which he has written about him.  

In his response, Saheed said:"Someone that sings philosophical kind of music, that teaches moral of life, I will to be documented while I'm alive,  because when an artists is gone someone that has wisdom is gone, the documentation may not be complete,  there have been a lot of challenges because when you introduce new things, it will be like standing out of the ground, there are  a lot of efforts, stress doing what someone has never done before.  

"My advice to them is that, they should be consistent, they should not relent in their efforts. Also, they should be creative because creativity is a powerful tool to excel, people appreciate new thing. 

"I studied Barrister music like one who went to university to study a course ,  I discovered that made him come with the name Fuji. Barrister was in a hurry to be famous, not monetarily famous but was desirous of being  known globally. 

"Those music invogue then were in different genres , but he came up  with extraction of other music,  not that he copy them,  but he mixed it with his own flavor,  in a nutshell, Fuji is an assembly of all genres.  Like elder people call different fruits with names,  like fruit salad, cuptail, mustache.  

"To my own understanding fuji music is an experimentation of Barrister music dexterity,  he experimented with it and made Fuji.Generally, the music then was just like Awurebe ,  just like my daddy told me, because he was also a musician then,  he made me understand that,  the person that sings Awurebe voice is not that audible,  if you look at EPO Akara you will see that his voice too was not that audible,  this made people says why are you singing like Awurebe like this,  that brought the name Awurebe.  But the person that sings it was lackadaisical towards the music Awurebe.

"I realised that most of my songs are poetic and I also narrate many stories that are not in existence anymore that was why I thought of bringing up story book like that of Alawiye,  and most of my stories are educative that can help young and adults one.  I have about 40 to 50 stories,  we can make it Yoruba and English form to promote culture. Also some lyrics can be used as rhymes and words of wisdom that we can use to educate our young ones.  Also we help narrate our experience,  so many of our young ones can learn from it,and understands that nothing is impossible they just have to be determined and be patient about what they are doing, because Rome was not built in a day. So those  that don't listen to music, will read our books, that makes me much happy."

Earlier while announcing his mission to his host's residence, Professor Obatunde Adetola said "What attracted me to Dr Saheed Osupa is that, his kind of music.

 Osupa is an enigmatic and philosophical singer,  he doesn't just put musical instruments together to make noise,  his music have depth,  his music caught across all generations, most important is, it appears to people that has intellectual insight, people that have moral passion about how society should actually looks like. 

"And it has to appeal to somebody like me because the society has much changed from good to  much of negativity today,  for him to stand out to continue to emphasize morality within the decadence of society. 

"That alone caught my attention and I listen to his music, and use it especially when I teach sociology of music  in the contemporary Nigeria when we have challenges in terms of what is good and what is bad, and that is why i have been following his kind music especially since demise of Barrister. In two of them, Barrister represent the earliest generations of fuji he was  the  creator of Fuji, and Osupa is the contemporary I think he is fit into that position.  

"By my own assessment as the King of Fuji music in Africa and or the world because of depth he  has, and if you are interested in progress and development of any society using music, I think  the kind of music Osupa sings, is a way to go.  
"Since the demise of Barrister Ayinde, I don't listen to any other music other than Osupa,  I happen to meet Rafiu when I was the private secretary to Otunba Gbenga Daniel. I always take him along in my car whenever I was going to work, he always sang Osupa, but what  connected us is the depth  of philosophical, poetic,  that is full-body expression for those that understand Yoruba,  though I don't dance but mostly I nods my head when I listen to him.  

"Whenever I nod,  I heard those philosophical words,  so when we play Osupa's songs. I have written something down about him,  but I do take from his music to teach in class. I have someone else that I want to write about which is Reminisce from urban music,  he uses some philosophical word in his song titled "Ponmile"  I love him  too.

"So when I was told,  I said not problem,  what you want is good decision,  you have expressed the knowledge when you were talking before, you said Kiko ko dabi kakosile.  

"During the Covid- 19, I have written this book,  because writing is not an issues to me. This is the book I tittled with your name,  Saheed Osupa adventure into fuji music.  

"We can add King to it if that is what you want, this book is to sell your brand.  Like you said None ise aye a  se LA Nani, people say musician are beggars but it is beyond that.  

"Especially you didn't forget the culture in you which is Yoruba. What we want to doubt to capture who is Osupa Saheed gangan.

The Special Adviser to the Governor of Ogun State on Youth and Sport Comrade Olamide Lawal acknowledged that  using some  personallities as an inspiration, their life style, or the way they have lived their lives would influence younger ones to the right path. 

 Olamide noted that being someone that sings philosophical songs,  can also translate that into intellectual community , whereby the young ones can learn from it which will promote African culture, and it will also promote the talent.  

"The impact is going have on the youth, will influence them also help them to determine their talent," he concluded.

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