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Tuesday, September 15, 2020

How I Fought Plus Size Nightmares And Won - Remi, Make Up Artist


A Nigerian huge, formidable and pretty lady, Remilekun Fatolu, took to social media to narrate her experence while been a plus size and the nightmare she suffers because of it.

She was referred to as names imagined and even bullied.

She, however, contronted her situation and came out a winner with tale to inspire anybody travelling through her previous path.

Her account : My name is Oluwaremilekun Fatolu, but popularly called Auntie Remi, some call me OROBO. Hmmm...

Sure Orobo!!

Sounds humorous proper?

Its no longer been an easy adventure attending to wherein I am these days in particular mentally.

Being addressed by such names. As orobo, apapu and iya apati triggered a whole lot of harm to my life! I however thank God I fought through.

I was born early 90’s.Had my junior secondary college in Asaba wherein I was born, and my senior secondary school in lagos (three distinct colleges) hmmm, I'm sure you are questioning why. I wasn't a stupid younger lady, I changed into very very shrewd! Yes, like most of the people, I by no means favored mathematics, however I was the best in English! I become very good speaking and interacting with people even at my age then.

My travails commenced after I changed into in number one 6 as I turned into developing hastily.

Word that my growth in size wasn't because of extra food intake however I opined that it appears God created me that manner.

I couldn't blame him,  I also did not blame my dad and mom for having me.

But then, unhappiness commenced.

I would pass to high school every morning like everyone else to study the rudiments of turning into a better character in all methods but would be treated like an outcast because of my size.

I became the most important man or woman in my class. I had no buddies. Probably all my colleagues felt I changed into going to bully them or something and even called me a bully . I just discovered to my innocent wonder that these kids have been just no longer pleasant toward me.

They observed it so smooth to insult me and speak to me all styles of names. As an end result of this remedy, I started out converting. I might take into account myself nice natured ordinarily, but something internal decided that this congregation did not deserve to see the higher me. My mum failed to be aware the change before everything but after someday, she located some thing amiss. I started out dropping hobby in my research, I became not enjoying school. All I needed for turned into to get out of that faculty and proceed to a higher magnificence. My wish turned into that respite could come once I find other girls of my size.

Hmmmm , if handiest I knew better. I best discovered that my travails in number one college represented simplest a tip of the iceberg.

I wrote my Common entrance assessments, handed, were given into junior secondary school and on the very starting of secondary school, matters took a worse turn. Every unmarried corner of the school I walked into, I observed one organization or the other watching me, whispering inaudible words to themselves, giggling so loud and pointing their palms at me. Teachers were no higher as once I walked into the body of workers room I became addressed with the aid of all styles of insulting Ibo names. Apa akpu (bag of akpu), Apa rice (bag of rice) and so on.

I observed solace in no one. I discovered nobody to speak to or play with. There were instances inside the morning after I wakened and remembered I changed into going to high school and I could ruin down due to the fact that  I didn't experience being cherished, because I became scared. I did not want to be insulted. At a point I would lie I became sick simply to avoid faculty. I struggled thru junior secondary faculty after which I made it clear that I wasn't going to high school anymore. I could not attend birthdays or something as I already had it in mind that I might to be mocked.

Luckily, my elder brother came and took me to Lagos. I noticed that the trade (type) of surroundings might make matters completely extraordinary. How wrong I changed into.

To my surprise, it went from terrible to worse. So I commenced rejecting one college after every other because of how I became handled. I moved from the primary to the second and from the second to the 0.33. I struggled and I finished from the third faculty, it wasn't easy, hmmmm.....

I left secondary college and was coming of age then the relationship thing came. No guy desired to this point  plus size gurls. Maybe they have been scared to technique me, or they were not sure they could cope with me, either manner, I changed into alone once more.

Then I discovered one, or need to I say he found me. I tot I can be happy once more until one devoted weekend I paid a wonder go to to my boyfriend and on getting to his door I overheard him telling his friends approximately how his time with me has been up to now. He changed into saying he become whiling away time with me, that he can not even take me out as I'm too massive. Oh God it felt as though the arena became coming to an give up!

That relationship ended after that and plenty of greater passed off and it needed to do with my size without delay and circuitously and then I got here throughout God sent pals, Olabisi ,Pelumi and Ibidayo Akeredolu ale May his soul Rest In peace.

They helped me with my fight of self consciousness. They taught me the way to appearance smart, the way to be confident, the way to face a crowd, a way to maintain my head up high even if people mocked me. They taught me a way to giggle over mockery.

Soon after, I traveled lower back to Asaba wherein I met some of my old buddies who are also plus length. Some could not make it thru secondary school. Some have been pregnant without even knowing who become responsible. Some had been married, married out of shame.

They got married virtually due to the fact they felt if they stayed longer at domestic they may develop even larger and could be totally out of the relationship market totally. They were not proven love and care.

I'm certain I'm no longer the handiest one who has handed via those travails. Others have, but like a pal of mine might say "you can never generalize people. Our alternatives are different" I chose to combat through. There are but nevertheless many more like me accessible urgently in want of assistance, care, expertise and love.

I am equipped to assist cos I turned into also helped.

My recommendation to mother and father is to observe their kids closely, display them love, give them interest regardless of what age they may be at. Not handiest toddlers want attention!

And guys! I suggest fanatics of plus length ladies, don't be scared or shy drawing close to us in case you're attracted. And to all the plus length women reading this, God created us for a unique motive, this is why we're unique and honestly different. Learn from my story, alter your mindset as in my case for example, having that issue on my mind at a very gentle age almost destroyed me. It almost stopped me from socialising, it nearly stopped me from being educated. Fight whatever project dealing with you and with the assistance of God you'll overcome it. I did!

Today i hold my head up high everywhere i go. I'm now a bonafide make up artiste, a skit maker, a content writer and a plus length version on my way to sure success. My ardour? Making humans appearance lovely, especially plus sized ladies. My little way of contributing to uplifting my constituency.

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