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Sunday, August 23, 2020

'Nobody Raised Alarm When I Escaped,' Says Rearrested Ibadan Serial Killer


-The Daily Crucible

The rearrested Ibadan serial - killer - suspect, Sunday Shodipe, on Sunday disclosed that nobody raised an alarm when he scaled the fence at the Mokola Police Station in Ibadan and escaped afterwards.

Sunday also revealed that he escaped when given an opportunity to bathe at the Mokola Police Station on August 11.

The serial - killer  suspect who was arrested on July 17, escaped from Mokola, Ibadan police station on August 11 but he was rearrested on Sunday in Bodija area of Ibadan.

The revelation came from unconfirmed video posted by an Ibadan-based broadcaster, Hamzat Oriyomi, on Sunday.

According to Sunday, he decided to escape when it dawned on him that the police officer guarding him was preoccupied at the time with chatting with another officer at the station.

He explained that a female Divisional Police Officer, who was deployed to the station recently, directed an officer to allow him have his bath.

He said, though, the officer had warned him not to make any attempt to escape while taking his bath, but he was not even thinking of running away at that point.

He, however, recalled he elected to escape when he found out that the officer was engrossed in a discussion with another person and not paying attention to him.

He said: “The new female DPO asked officer Funso to allow us take our bath. He cautioned me not to try to escape when taking my bath.

“I escaped when I saw him discussing with another person. I climbed the borehole pole and jumped the fence.

“The people living in the area saw me when I escaped but they did not raise any alarm.”

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