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Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Political Adversaries Behind Royal Fathers' Calls For My Removal - Ogun Council Chairman


The Daily Crucible

The embattled Transition Chairman of  Ogun Waterside Local Government Area(LGA), Com. Femi Onanuga, whose quest for tenure extension hangs in a balance, has alleged that political adversaries were behind the spirited calls for his removal by all trational rulers in the LGA 

Onanuga alleged further that his adversaries were creating misunderstandings, ostensibly to stall or abort tenure renewal for him and thus,  paves way for their person to be installed as a replacement.

Speaking with reporters shortly after appearing on Tuesday before the Ogun Assembly session presided by Speaker Kunle Oluomo over an alleged disrespect to the traditional institution in his jurisdiction, Onanuga denied ever disrespecting the monarchs, saying he holds them in high esteem. 

He explained that he had publicly apologised to the Royal fathers, stressing that the Petition filed before the State Assembly against him was sponsored by his political opponents in the All Progressives Congress(APC). 

He said: "I told the lawmakers that I have no reason to be arrogant, disrespectful to my Obas in my territory as a yoruba man. I hold  culture in high esteem but all these allegations that are levied against me are very clearly incidental to the performance of my function as council chairman of Ogun waterside local government. 

"I told the assembly that since the breakdown of communication between me and this Kabieyesi, we have taken a lots of steps which include on the 14th, my political struggle was binders, we visited kabiyesi Ojutumoro and Elefire palace for a reconciliation meeting. 

"On the 16th of August, myself and the kabiyesi, we were in a closed door meeting with four others party stalwart namely Alhaji logore, Alhaji Rufai, Hon Musa Moruf and Kunle Mudasiru where we settled all the dispute, I apologized and the kabiyesi blessed me and also see me off. 

"So, this renewed face - off I suspected that it is more to the common eye, they were being probably influenced by my political adversaries, but I told the house that I am not going to join issues with my royal fathers; I respect them so much and I further told them that I have high interpersonal relationship with my royal fathers 

"In the first instance they never wanted me to come in but with the benevolence of Gov prince Dapo Abiodun, I came in as chairman. 

"I was  a three-year executive chairman before now, at the  end of former governor Amosun administration, I decided that I am not going with APM that I am a party man, I believe in APC, I said I am not going with APM which led to my unlawful suspension. 

"Because of my support for Dapo Abiodun, the governor made up his mind to compensate me back but some of my political adversary never wanted me to be, but our Governor is a man of his words, I was returned. 

"This made them to be grumbling that my tenure is getting longer, they want to create problems so that  they can put their person there. 

"I have told the House of Assembly that I have apologised publicly that I have no reason to disrespect my royal fathers."

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