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Thursday, August 13, 2020

How Lagos - Ibadan Modern Rail Will Impact On Pelican -Valley Estate, Other

From Heritage Odih, Abeokuta

The track laying work for the 312km-long double-track standard gauge Lagos-Ibadan railway line project between Lagos and Ibadan in Nigeria has fully been completed. 

Also, a test running of it had equaly been carried out over a year now.

The US$ 1.53bn Lagos - Ibadan rail project would have gone into full  operation with its 10 stations and trains operating at a maximum speed of 150 km/h but for the COVID - 19 pandemic which had forced safe physical distance as the new normal on humanity.

Notwithstanding the momentary challenges brought about by the Pandemic, there are rays of hope that the Lagos - Ibadan standard guage rail way will bounce into full operation in no time. And it will significantly redefine the socioeconomic landscape of the state, communities and investments along its corridor.

One area where investors with eyes for predictable returns on investments are focusing their gaze today, is property or real estate subsector in Ogun State.

The prospects are  anchored on this  fast - paced rail which is built to run 160km per hour and capable of making 10 rounds per day between Lagos and Ibadan. 

The implications or multiplier effects are many. 

It makes economic sense to comfortably live in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, while you work in Lagos or do your daily business there, using the rail as seamless means of transportation. 

This is reshaping the thinking of the upwardly mobile young population desirous of serene ambience for habitation.

Besides, with the rail, one has the chance to escape the stresses of living and working in Lagos at the same time with all the pains associated with the daily Lagos traffic gridlocks among other challenges.

That is why industry watchers have identified the strategically located Pelican -Valley Estate as a - must - buy - in for prospective investors or people seeking change of environment.

The upscale property development arena, free of encumberances, is located at the  Oke-mosan corridor of Kobape Road, Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, and is less than 5 minutes  drive from the Abeokuta train main terminal (station).
The estate is a private initiative and its immediate neighbour is the Buckswood British Academy, Abeokuta.

Again, the new Pelican - brief, an addition to meet the increasing demands by prospective investors, is less than 16 minutes drive from Abeokuta Rail terminal.

The real estate operator behind the Pelican - Valley Estate and Pelican - brief, Mr Tunde Adeyemo, said the estate was conceived with a mind set for the future, adding that whoever leverages on its strategic location to invest in now, will ever smile at the decision later.

"Our new Pelican-brief is less than 16 mins drive from the train station...Train to run 160 kilometer per hour.... Ebutemeta to Abeokuta by rail is less than 75 kilometers...This is for the deep thinkers," Adeyemo told The Daily Crucible.


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