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Sunday, August 16, 2020

Help Me Stand On My Feet Again, Man With Multiple Fractures Begs Nigerians

Needs N700,000 For Orthopedic Surgery


A - 36  - year old Ajibola Fatai wants to walk again, fend for himself and be of help to others but there is a snag to this strong desire in him.

Ajibola, a driver, can't walk. He is also in pains resulting from multiple fractures from  thigh region down to ankle of his left  leg and  needed N700, 000 for Orthopedic Surgery to regain the use of both legs again. 

He is appealing to Nigerians for financial assistance.

His ordeal began on a day in March this year when he planned to take some students to Badagry from Ibadan, but as the journey progressed, a cruel fate struck by way of accident when a speeding a car hit him. He was rushed to the University College Hospital(UCH, Ibadan, by the Operatives of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC).

His close relation,  Oladipupo kehinde Khadijat,  said the teaching hospital went on strike due to COVID 19 Pandemic shortly Ajibola was taken to the facility for treatment and had to moved afterwards to a private hospital in Ibadan.

"He had an accident on the 23rd of March of this year and he was rushed to UCH by road safety, he was diagnosed for multiple fractures injury (both thigh and legs broke) but UCH started strike due to covid19 pandemic.

" So, we were asked to moved my brother, from there  to a private hospital (Skyline hospital, Abayomi street, Iwo road ibadan). They told us he would  undergo orthopedic surgery and they gave  us a bill of N1.2 million with the provision of 6 blood bags.

"With the help of family members and friends, we were to raise money and deposited N500,000  with a postpaid cheque of 500,000 dated on the 30th of April because we were expecting money from a relative then, at the end of the month we were unable to meet up with his demand.

"We told the hospital  not to take the cheque to the bank, so we deposited 100,000 again, at a point the hospital brought another bill of N260,000 for treatment and discharge and N70,000 for treatment before surgery, so we deposited another N60,000 again," she said

Khadijat said that his brother needed money to continue treatment, lamenting that he has been moved to an uncompleted building without medical as there was no money to obtain further treatment at the hospital.

She said: "So because we are unable to pull out more cash the doctor stop giving him drugs and we started buying drugs and dressing materials by ourselves from the beginning of May, he started moving him from wards to wards to the extent that my brother poisoned himself by drinking iodine due to his pressure on him but right now he has moved him to an uncompleted building in the hospital premises.

"But right now we want to move him from that hospital after paying his balance because he said he will not release him until we pay his money and he is not giving him any treatment, so we are planning to move him into a place where they can take proper care of him because right now he is still on bed" 

Fatai therefore is appealing to kind hearted and well meaning Nigerians, individuals, and groups to come to his help.

He needs the money to undergo the surgical operation. 

Account nunber: 6551860824 
Account name: Oladipupo Kehinde Khadijat Bank; Fidelity bank

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