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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Golden Question @70: Man, How Do You Stand?

This is an ageless question in the spiritual work which has been my unfailing companion and guide for 43 years. It leapt before me again last Sunday morning as I rose from Saturday night sleep. Forty-three years ago, I would have replied in my thoughts: How TIME FLIES! But I knew as long ago as 1977, at 27, that TIME DOES NOT FLY. It is eternal, unswerving, immovable, and untouchable by man. In 1978, I was privileged to be the editor of CROSSCORPER. The CROSSCORPER was the official magazine published yearly by Youth Corps members in Cross River State. As the editor of the magazine, I was privileged to write the lead article which I titled TIME STANDS STILL. It was a response to banters of HOW TIME FLIES among Corps members who would complete their National Service in about two weeks and depart home.
Last Saturday morning, I remembered the beery voices, the dimly lit dance halls as Corps members bade their hosts bye. I remembered other striking events in my life, such as my first OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE (OBE) in 1974 at 24, the passage of my mother at 31 on 5 August 1959 during her fifth child birth, the passage of my father on 26 August 1998 at the age of 76, the birth of my brother on 26 August 1954, that is 66 years ago, and the fact that August always had important messages of the two poles of life and death for me. It couldn't have been an accident that I was born on 23rd August 1950. 
Ladies and gentlemen, I was 70 years old last Sunday.
Please forgive me for holding down the cat in the bag. There was no revelry. This is not just a COVID-19 season happenstance. I am not a limelight person, but a chip of an old block. At 40, I yielded ground half-way to my wife and her uncle, restricting the gathering to only siblings and very close friends. By 50 and 60, she had understood me better. My wife agreed that we should not celebrate.
The old block I spoke of was my father. He declined a 70th birthday party offer from his children. The day before his birthday, he travelled to his village where he was born and grew up. By 6.30am on his birthday, he was kneeling before the altar of the village church all alone, no Priest, no Sexton, but certain of the nearness of his Creator and offering thanksgiving prayer. Before noon, he was back to Lagos! That reminded me of CHARLES de GAULLE, the president of France who led his country through World War II and made it a formidable nation. When he passed over, France wished to make his funeral the grandest on planet earth. But his will permitted at the graveside no more than his nuclear family members and the Priests. It was a fascinating experience for me and, at 28,encouraged me to request a funeral that  did not permit wining, drumming and dancing...only sober music, which reminds the departed soul of the seriousness of the transition, and the genuine, loving wishes of true, loving souls which may accompany and support the soul on the journey homewards!
For me, the setting for such a stage was provided in 1974 in my first OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE (OBE). It made me recognize that existence, especially on earth was not just a question of being born, growing up, finishing school, getting married to just anyone, making babies, getting a job, hitting the pinnacle of a profession, becoming a grandfather or grandmother and...passing away someday into an unknown world. In my first OBE, I not only came out of my body, I actually saw myself distant from my body, which was fast asleep in bed. In fact, I had to engage in physical scuffle with a darkly figure which wished to attack that physical, earthly part of me in bed. I was neither dreaming nor in a trance. I was DAY CONSCIOUS as I am now, writing this Column. I was screaming. We were fighting. We ran into my writing table and one of the four legs broke. The standing KDK fan fell.  So did the refrigerator. I lived with other tenants in an eight room bungalow in Shomolu, a suburb of Lagos in those days. All the residents gathered by my door. So did some of our neighbours in nearby houses. Somehow, I pushed him towards the door and managed to undo about three security devices on the door. It was when I rushed into the corridor that I no longer saw my body in bed. 
I was to learn years after, in the course of STRIVING to discover the MEANING OF EXISTENCE, that I may have had an ASTRAL or ETHEREAL experience. It was possible the body was roused by ambient noise and disturbed sleep as it often is with the banging of doors or knocks on the door. It was possible the  feedback mechanisms of the embettled soul was alerted that the body it was housing was up and the SILVER CORD pulled it in. The silver cord, like the UMBILICAL CORD which connects the foetus to the uterus, is the connecting link of body and soul at the solar plexus. What we call dreams are experiences of the soul outside the body which are transmitted through waves of energy through the Silver Cord to the solar plexus and from there, through radiations of the blood, to the big or frontal  brain, the cerebellum, from where, in pictorial form, it goes to the big or  frontal brain, the cerebrum, which decodes the impressions into thought or the spoken word. The degree to which we vividly remember our dreams or fail to do so, is related to some variables in these mechanisms. 
Diet, atrophy of the small or  back brain made small from disuse, and position of the bed head away from the true geographic north are important factors. Another is the number of vectors (age of objects) which point to the bed, directing energy into it. Vectors throw off energy. The body and soul are forms of energy.  Maintenance of energy equilibrium in the bedroom is crucial for restful night rest in which the traveling  soul can successfully and easily transmit its experiences to the body and the body can receive high fidelity communication. If the body was roused by ambient disturbance, a feedback mechanism automatically alerts the soul to return "home". Failure to do so may weaken body-soul connection and even cause physical death. Sometimes, the soul does not key itself properly into the body on its return. That is probably why some people say they got out on the wrong side of the bed. Slight or serious headache, tiredness and laziness may be the tell tales when a refreshing night rest ought to have restored the physical vessels to equilibrium. 
 To cut a long story short, I woke up. Spiritual events take place at faster speed than physical ones. Imagine that the speed of light is 186,000 miles per square second, that the light we speak of belongs to gross matter, that the spirit is far above coarse gross matter, far above  medium gross  matter, far above  fine gross matter (astral world),  and that  it has its origins in  the spiritual realms,  where, as we are informed, one day is the equivalent of about 1,000 earth years! My co-residents called my grandmother who lived in the next street. A Christ Apostolic Church prayer warrior, she set the house alight with prayer and songs the rest of the night, joined by the residents. Next day, one of my uncles came for me. He was more experienced than anyone in the family about native solution to such experiences. He took me to his own apartment. 
I could not sleep day and night, afraid that the man would come again during my sleep. My uncle procured a wooden device which had etched inscriptions. I was to keep it under my pillow. If you live in a neighborhood infested with armed robbers, you are likely to trust the Inspector-General of Police if you see hundreds of Policemen and women on patrol than if he gave you assurance that they were "on ground". So, I trusted the native device and, indeed, slept well. But I had two problems with that as an artificial solution to my problem. First, I was due to start higher education in three months at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. What would my roommates think of me if they saw "juju" under my pillow? I wanted to get to the bottom of the event and acquire that "power" of the unseen world not to harm other people or to disturb them, even in self defense. 
The OBE educated or instructed me that there was another world distinct and tangible like the physical one of which all of us are aware. The Priests of my Church could not help me out. I was not persuaded by explanation or cosmic mysteries made by many organisations. Something in me kept saying I had traversed those experiences in pristine times. Even the Christian  Science Monitor could not help me. Finally, I turned to the LOBSANG-RAMPA SERIES of books. As I would later discover, he was limited to only the immediate astral environment of the earth. In fact, I got off his train when, if I recall correctly, in THE THIRD EYE, he said GOD did not exist, and offered the Lobsang-Rampa touch stone for "protection"  and  "good luck". That wasn't what I wanted. What if I forgot to carry the touch stones in my pocket some day?
 I needed no-one to teach me about how to induce and OBE. It came naturally to me not once, twice or thrice. On one occasion, I became day conscious in a dream, knew my body lay in bed and I was somewhere else, that I did not have to walk but float, that whatever I wished  automatically happened in THE LAW OF THOUGHT which we all trivialise on earth. So, I abandoned Lobsang-Rampa and went to NSUKKA without my uncle's "juju". MEMORIES of the OBE faded in the NSUKKA years, but not to the point that I did not remember the experience once in a while. Some of my roommates belonged to a so called esoteric group, I thought were groping in the dark, from below upwards, even as spiritually immature as I then was. About one month from my degree examination in 1977, I sighted an exciting advertisement in the SUNDAY TIMES newspaper at the news stand. It was about three volumes of a book titled IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH THE GRAIL MESSAGE by ABD-RU-SHIN. I cut it out and kept it at the bottom of my box, with the aim of getting in touch with the publishers whenever I had a settled Youth Service Corps address.
 Youth Service took me to  UYO, now in Akwa Ibom state and later to Calabar. I often left the camp to buy esoteric books at EDEKE'S BOOKSHOP. I acquired such titles as CHARIOT OF FIRE and SECRET OF THE ATOMIC AGE. They advanced me inwardly, but not to the desired goal. One day, I asked RITA ANDREWS, the shopkeeper, if they did not sell more striking books. She said one set of the three volumes of the  GRAIL MASSAGE was available. I paid a deposit and went back for it the following day. I am a slow reader. I strive to form conceptions and pictures of what I read to properly understand and absorb it and, then, to apply its inherent lessons or principles. So, it took me eight long months to examine the GRAIL MESSAGE. I thought Rita was at the time more knowledgeable about it than I was, and so, asked her who, really, the Author was. I believed her when she said he was one of the THREE WISE MEN, because the knowledge put forth was beyond intellectual conception.  I was to discover she either deceived me to protect me against premature judgment, or was ignorant.
By the time I returned to Lagos, my perception of life and existence had completely changed, and I did not wish to slide back into the old .For example, I could no longer attend club shows of Aigbe Lebarty and  his semi nude SEX BOMBERS. Wherever I turned, CONFLICT tended to envelope me, with a view to pulling me back. Members of Christian scripture groups became terrible enemies. They had told all sorts of lies about THE GRAIL MESSAGE to prevent me from reading it. One of them was that the MESSAGE denied the Divinity of Jesus Christ. Yet there is no single lecture in this Work which does not acknowledge the Lord Jesus as the LOVE and SON OF GOD. I am yet to see a genuine Christian who has read explanations of THE TEN COMMANDMENTS and THE LORD's PRAYER in the GRAIL MESSAGE who had not wish to share them with fellow Christians. 
I was told, but did not accept, that only Christians would be SAVED from eternal damnation. But the Lord Jesus thought that the only passport to Paradise was fulfillment of THE WILL OF GOD. Islam means submission to the will of God. Messages brought by Zorasta to Iran, Lao-Tse to China, Bhuddah to India and Mohammed to Arabia all emphasise HIS WILL. The Grail Message informs us that all these messages were willed by God but were distorted after their bringers departed the earth. Their followers  tampered with the  messages or teaches and converted the distortions to religions which became instruments of power and influence in the hands of Priests who did not necessarily know of God or serve HIM. Were this not the case, says the Grail Message, all teachings, by today, would have formed a single ladder from the earth to Paradise. Isn't it instructive that Islam recognises Jesus as THE SPIRIT OF GOD and Prophet Mohammed as the Messenger of God? Many human beings have thus become prisoners of religions from which the Grail Message seeks to liberate them. I was liberated. Imprisoned souls are like the FIVE FOOLISH VIRGINS who did not have oil in their lamps, in the parable of the Lord Jesus about ten virgins. The FIVE WISE VIRGINS are those humans souls who are inwardly alive (oil in their lamps, that is alive in their souls), who do not swallow the bait of religion line, hook and sinker. They ask questions. They remove chaff from wheat.
Finding a wife to marry was not an easy matter after my liberation. Even my father was shocked when, after graduation from the University, I INSISTED on paying house rent in his property. That was not heard of in Yorubaland. The MESSAGE taught me that children have no claims over their parents and that my father's property was not mine but his. If I could see my father's property in this light, why should I seek to plunder public property for self use? When I took a Job and encouraged my colleagues and subordinates to work, it was often a tug of war, which should not be. I invited them to take a cue from CREATION which bears the WILL OF GOD. The Sun, the Soil and the Moon have not gone on a strike since I was born. They work at the command of the Creator to provide an hospitable dwelling  for us humans on planet earth. So do the stars, the seas and oceans. 
Why do we grumble over small tasks and hunger after huge pay?  If I don't like the pay, why do I not quietly quit the job? Work should be tended with LOVE. That is what Creation teaches us. I would not behave otherwise at work.My collauges at work who wonder why I gave myself all most completely to my Job should now know why. The GRAIL MESSAGE hits hard at SPIRITUAL INDOLENCE. Man has become religious and not spiritual in the search for his Creator and WORSHIP OF HIM, although he is a spiritual being. The spirit is too lazy to ask questions when it is fed obvious lies about his home and MAKER. He thinks worship in vigorous "prayer" and that prayer is long, many endless prattling in words. What material need do we have which was not provided for before we came here?when we are asked to "ask" and to "knock",we are invited to obtaind the keys that will help us unlock the doors to the bounties or blessing of CREATION. The people of atlantis had some of this keys. They did not need motor cars and aeroplane to travel from one corner of the earth to another.  The Egptians built huge pyramids without mordern constrution technology. Till today,do we not wonder about how birds builds their nets? As for womanhood, she has mistaken motherhood for the purpose of her existence on earth.
Man has turned education upside down, believing that the intellect is the Lord in Creation. Forgetting that the intellect is only the perceptive capacity of the brain, which does not survive earthly demise, being, like his body, bound to space and matter. He has allowed the intellect rule over his INTUITION, perceptive ability of the spirit. Inevitably, this has stunted the spiritually receptive portion of his brain, the cerebellum or the "small brain". The GRAIL MESSAGE explains that this is THE FALL OF MAN. By being no longer able to navigate the worlds beyond the earth with INTUITION, which now lies suppressed by the over-cultivated INTELLECT, the "large" or frontal brain, spiritual man cut himself off from his home, PARADISE. He cannot therefore obtain high values from home which would suffuse his earthly affairs.
Marriage is thought to be compulsory, whereas it is not. Marriage is given merely as a gift for complementary souls to help them achieve the purpose of their existence on earth. This purpose is the attainment of self consciousness, which should lead to the recognition of GOD and his WILL in CREATION, followed by unconditional submission to this WILL and PERFECTION OF THE SPIRIT. Every social institution is a gift to man to help him attain this goal, be it work, parenting or marriage. Where this purpose is unfulfilled, many people do not know, as even evident from mass media interviews, marriage is USELESS and a terrible waste of earth-life. Many people are imprisoned in marriage in the wrong conception that it is a MERGER, but the MESSAGE explains to us why it is a UNION. Even Gibran, author of THE PROPHET, would say a man and his wife may have a drink together, but not from the same cup, thereby suggesting a degree of distancing which permits healthy exercise of free will. In Marriage, as in work or soldiery, we are meant to apply LOVE to all relationships. We are split part of the love of God. We must,therefore, love and beloved. When we love our spirit is awake and alive and is drone up homewords in the love of God. Love rules the universe. People who do not love are outcast in the universe. The Grail message explain why and how this is so.
In my view and those people who have examined it for higher values which transcend religion but nevertheless leads the way to God, there is no subject on the face of this earth that the GRAIL MESSAGE does not address. The teachings have been the foundation of my behaviour since 1978. I do not claim to be a saint. No human being is. One of the  reasons we are on earth is to recognize our faults or weaknesses and  work on ourselves to abandon faults and develop Spiritual attributes which still lie slumbering in all of  us. I have merely explained the driving motive of my activities and relationships. And, regularly, I release myself for inner self examination to see how far  and well I may have come near that flowering and fruiting spirit of this wonderful Creation that the Almighty Creator and Ruler of All the Worlds expects me to  be. 
So much has been invested on me in this regard. This, when I retire into sleep at night, I  like to visualize Creation , remembering the golden question the Lord asks all the time: MAN,HOW DO YOU STAND? Firmly or weakly? Progressive homewards or retrogressing a low-wards? Sharing my time equally between earthly affairs and their external models, or cutting myself off more from On High? So, last Sunday, as I rose from sleep to yet another beautiful day, a Sunday such as the day I was born 70 calendar years ago,  I could not but remind myself of that golden question: MAN, HOW DO YOU STAND in respect of the fulfillment of the purpose of my existence on earth, and of my relationship with God. Then, I thought it should be worth sharing with you. 
Man, how do you stand?

Author: Femi Kusa, former Editor of The Guardian and former Editor - In - Chief of the rested The Comet

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