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Saturday, August 22, 2020

Fix Yourself First By Ibinabo Fiberesima

My sister told me an interesting story. She said "A woman was on a plane that was almost crashing with her daughter and they were both gasping for air. The mum tried to fix the oxygen on her daughter first but she could not because she was equally gasping for breath. She tried and tried to no avail until she heard a voice in heart saying, fix yourself first.

Immediately she fixed her oxygen, she had enough strength to fix that of her daughter's. As soon as it was fixed, her daughter also got back her strength and they both survived.

This is the story of most women today, we give our all to every one else leaving ourselves behind.
You serve every one in the house and leave little or nothing for yourself to eat, that is the old way. Share everything to every one as it is in the pot. If you fall sick, who fixes your house for you?

Do not stress yourself too much, most times women do all the work in the house leaving themselves so tired and worked out, and worned out,  when you fall, who fixes your home for you, tell me who?

You buy clothes for every one leaving your self 'naked'  One day even your children will be ashamed of you because of your dressing, fix yourself up, sister

You keep building the lives of every one around you, yet you are doing nothing about yourself, one day you will realize that you should have fixed yourself too.

The list goes on and on.

Where are you lacking?

It is time to fix yourself my sisters. I am doing same too. 

It is ok to be 'selfish' some times.

It is ok to have a 'me' attitude some times.

It is ok to crush on yourself.  

Sisters, the only healing you might be needing right now is to get yourself fixed up.  Dont forget...the Bible even says "Love your neighbors AS YOURSELF" not more than yourself...
which means give to your neighbours the replica of the love you have for yourself.  Once again sisters "FIX YOURSELF ALSO"

Love you and hope this makes sense.

•Ibinabo Fiberesima is an author, writer, Nigerian actress, events manager and former first runner-up of the 1997 edition of Miss Nigeria and crowned winner of Miss Wonderful same year 1997.

Ibinabo once aspired to lead her Okrika Local Government Area of Rivers State on the platform of the People's Democratic Party(PDP). She shared her thought, 'fix yourself first' on her FB page.

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