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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Akwa Ibom First Lady, Mrs Udom, Rev. Achudume Demand Concerted Efforts Against Rape

••• As Rev. Victor Adeyemi, Prof. Olubunmi Ashinmolowo Push For Prompt Justice For Victims Of Rape & Other Gender Based Violence

  •Rev. Fola Achudume & Deaconess Udom

From Heritage Odih, Abeokuta

There is no doubt that the time has come for all stakeholders to pay critical attention to the increasing  cases of rape which  has jeopardized the future of many victims apart from affecting the mental health of many people especially women and the girl child who no longer feel secured as a result of the repreprehensible act against  humanity. 

This is the position canvassed by the First lady of Akwa Ibom State, Her Excellency , Deaconess, Martha Udom Emmanuel during an online interraction with women and other stakeholders in respect of  awareness campaign tagged "War Against Rape."  

The programme was put together  by Reverend  Fola  Achudume  of  the Victory  Life Bible Church's "Save  Her  Foundation,"  Abeokuta, Ogun State.

Deaconess Udom pointed out that spouses of Nigerian governors are throwing their weights behind the campaign against sexual harassment, defilement, molestation, rape and other gender based violence against women and the girl - child.

She also harped on concerted efforts by religious organisations, traditional institutions, security agencies and professional  bodies to ensure prompt report of rape  cases and arrest of suspects,  advocating that no rape case should be settled out of court.

Also speaking, Rev. Victor Adeyemi of the Global Havest International Church, Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, expressed the optimism that the world would be a better place and rape cases reduced if not eradicated, with  re-orientation of the boy child in the society.

Adeyemi advised men who  engage in immoral act to re - channel their  energies to  fruitful ventures. 

He reckoned that discipline, values and the fear of God must return to every home in order to curb the vice, explaining that the society should start treating  the  female  gender rightly with dignity, respect, love, care, passion, tenderness and desist from seeing them as sex toys that should  be handled  anyhow just for selfish pleasure.

Speaking  in  like  manner, Professor  Olubunmi Ashinmolowo, a lecturer at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun State,  frowned at lack of prompt justice on rape cases, describing it as a challenge  that  those in positions of authorities should  proffer solutions to without  further delay.

 On her part, the lead  facilitator  of the online  campaign against rape, Rev Fola Achudume, urged mothers  to  be alive to their  responsibilities, saying  a situation  where toddlers,  babies, women and grandmothers are being raped is 'demonic,' dehumanising and cruel.

 The Save Her  Foundation  founder also saw the  need for victims to speak out, government to empower and protect  the  vulnerables in the society and justice system be strengthened to bring suspected rapists to book.

She equally called on stakeholders to  intensify awareness on  the  evil associated with every sexual immorality and profer the way out to end to the ugly trend. 

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