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Friday, June 5, 2020

Ogun Govt Rescues Stray Elephants Back To Forest

Ogun State Government on Friday said that the elephants that strayed from  the state's forest reserve and wandered into Imobi area have all been rescued and taken back to their natural habitat within the Forest.

Omo Forest Reserve, in Ogun State, is  one of the places where forest elephants could still be found in Nigeria but following the sudden increase in farming activities by illegal settlers in the heart of Omo reserve and quarry activities just at its outskirt, some of the animals were forced to move out of the facility recently in search of safer abode. 

They eventually roamed into the border of Ogun and Lagos State where the Imobi – Itasin – Epe lagoon communities live.

The villagers were said to have complained bitterly after sighting the wandering elephants, allegedly raiding crops and tearing down plants with likely economic implications on the farmers.

But the Commissioner for Environment, Hon. Abiodun Abudu - Balogun, said the state Governor, Dapo Abiodun, responded swiftly to the situation and gave instructions that the wildlife should not be harmed,  killed or slaughtered for meat.

Abudu - Balogun disclosed this at the ministry's Conference room, Oke - Mosan, Abeokuta, while fielding questions from reporters.

He said the Operatives of the Forest Guards rescued the animals and relocated them to the conservation area.

The Commissioner spoke while briefing the press to mark the World Environment Day.

Every June 5 is designated as World Environment Day.

The theme of this year edition is Biodiversity - a concern that is both urgent and existential.

The former House of Reps member lamented that non - degradable materials such as plastics and nylons represents an emerging threat to the environment and the ecosystem.

He noted that the way people manage plastics - the usage and disposal in the state, is a source of concern as they have grave consequences on the environment, wildlife and humans.

Abudu - Balogun disclosed that the producers of non - degradable packaging materials in the state, will henceforth bear the burden of managing such waste jointly with the state government.

He said further that such producers will be expected to either pay levy or provide equipment through a scheme christened "Extended Producer Responsibility Programme (EPRP).

According to him, the EPRP would be rolled out soon.

He explained that the principle of co-opting plastic producers in cost - sharing formula over waste management, falls in line with the globally accepted "Polluter Pay Principle."

The Commissioner identified drainages and river channels blockage as one of the areas where plastics and nylons have become an emerging challenge, saying they constitute 80% of the cause.

He noted that the Ministry was already engaging the producers of plastics and nylons in respect of EPRP, saying the present administration has zero tolerance for drainage blockage.

He appeals to residents and citizens to constantly clean the gutters of solid wastes to ensure free flow of storm water, prevent erosion and flooding as the raining season has returned.

- The Daily Crucible

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