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Monday, June 15, 2020

Fibroids Never My Main Infertility Problem - Rev. Laurie Idahosa

...Warns Women Against Falling For Fraudsters Using Her Identify To Market Bogus Fertility Products

•Rev. Laurie Idahosa

  By The Daily Crucible

Rev. Laurie Idahosa, daughter - in - law of late ArchBishop Benson Idahosa, has revealed that fibroids were never her main infertility problem while looking for the fruits of the womb and warned ladies and women battling with infertility to guard against falling into the traps of fraudsters who were using her identify to market bogus fertility products.

Laurie noted that fraudsters had taken the internet and social media platforms to give false narrative that her initial fertility challenges were fibroids related without her knowledge and that solution did not come until
she used particular natural supplements being advertised by the con - artists.

The mother of three admitted that she, of a fact,  did experience fertility challenges but added that God worked it out for her and her husband miraculously
 "without any medical or homeopathic intervention."

While distancing herself from the bogus products and the peddlers, she used the social media platform to advise women not to buy it or use same if they had already bought it.

She stated: "FRAUD ALERT!!!! Our DMs are full of people every day, asking us if this is true and for sponsorship. It is 100% FALSE! I never heard of this product, never used it and furthermore, fibroids were NEVER my main infertility problem. 
"Please beware of these fraudsters who advertise via sponsored ads on social media sites for their bogus product. 
DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. If you bought the product, please don't use it. We don't know what these fraudsters are capable of doing. They could be causing more harm than good. If they have to lie with fake endorsements, they are capable of anything diabolical. 

"I'm smiling in this picture (below) because yes, we did overcome infertility and we were blessed with 3 sons.  God won't allow any man to share in His Glory.  He worked our miracles without any medical or homeopathic intervention."

Samples of fraudulent messages being sent by the con - artists using her identity.



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