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Friday, May 22, 2020

How So - SAFE - Corps Operatives Beat Us With Stick, Gun ...Also Threatened To Kill Us - Ogun Couple

                                  • Mrs. Shola
From Babalola Gafar, Abeokuta

Palpably distraught couple in Ogun State, Muyideen Tiamiyu and his wife, Shola Tiamiyu, are asking for justice after they were allegedly beaten up with stick and gun nozzle by the State's So-Safe Corps Operatives  during the lock down.

The couple who are still reeling from the pains of the unwarranted assault, said it is only justice that would assuage the hours - long physical, mental and psychological pains, humiliations and harassment the So - Safe - Corps Operatives, allegedly, subjected them to.

They also used this medium to appeal to Governor Dapo Abiodun of Ogun State, the State House of Assembly led by Speaker Kunle Oluomo and the Ogun State Police Command to look into their ordeals in the hands of the So - Safe Corps Operatives and ensure that the erring Operatives were brought to face justice.

Tiamiyu said that while the impact of the beating left his wife with a swollen hand, he too bears a wound on the side of his neck, following gun nozzle jab allegedly inflicted on them by the overzealous So - Safe Corps Operatives.

And with tears streaming down the eyes while narrating their joint ordeals, Tiamiyu explained to The Daily Crucible in Abeokuta, the state capital on Friday, that they were on emergency trip to the state's General Hospital, Ijaye, for medical treatment when the So - Safe Corps security operatives stopped them, accusing them of violating the stay-at-home rule.

According to Tiamiyu, his wife had been suffering from High Blood Pressure for a very long time and had been on medication before the lock down, stressing that on the fateful day, his wife health challenge became an emergency and worsened. 

He regretted that while explaining to the officers the urgency of the medical treatment, they hit them hard with guns on their hands and necks, leaving them with various degree of injuries and threatening to kill them also.

He said: ”I was taking  my wife to hospital because she is suffering from high blood pressure although we used to go to Ifo  General hospital before the issue of coronavirus and due to lockdown yesterday we decided to go to the state General hospital in Ijaye, Abeokuta for her medical treatment. 

"When we go to under bridge in Itoku, we met the men of the  So-Safe Corps they asked where we were going and I explained everything to him, I even showed them the hospital card so that they could believe me  but instead, one of the men, we don’t know his name hit my wife on the with wooden object hand used his gun to stab me on my neck in fact we were treated like nobody.

Mr Tiamiyu also revealed that his Okada was seized after hours of humiliation.

”When I explained to them that my wife was sick and she needed urgent medical attention they said it was a lie that I went to bring unknown woman  to cover up and when my wife replied them she was pushed down and beaten like a slave despite they saw it in her eyes that she was not okay and they also seized my bike up till now have not been able to get it.

Also narrating, the wife, Mrs Shola Tiamiyu said that the men of the command continuously assaulted her despite complaining that she was ill.

”I am having an high pressure but yesterday when my husband discovered that I couldn’t sleep he decided to  take me to hospital for medical care but on our way, we met the men they asked where we were going we told them. They saw my card but they didn’t believe so they beat us up and threatened to shoot me and my husband” She concluded.

The woman while crying profusely  during the interview cried out to the commander of the So-Safe Corps, Mr Ganzallo  to come to their rescue, saying that the seized bike is the only source of income for his husband.

The Daily Crucible put calls to the Command's Spokesperson but there calls were no response yet as of the time of filing the report.

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