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Sunday, May 31, 2020

George Floyd : We Are All Looters By Vitus Ozoke

I condemn the looting of businesses by protesters. But I condemn even more strongly those who are trying to use the lootings as a pretext to construct some moral equivalency and distract from the main issue. Truth is that looting begets looting, and there's no greater looting than the daylight murder of an unarmed and handcuffed black man by a knee-jerk white cop. George Floyd's life was looted. By murdering Floyd, you looted his family.

Businesses can restock whatever is looted, but the Floyd family cannot restock their son, father, brother, and uncle. American police and prison establishments have for decades been looting black communities of lives, not groceries. That it took the protests and lootings to arrest a daytime knee-jerk murderer was just one more evidence of the organized, systemic and systematic looting and emptying of the African American psyche.

And let's be real here. The days you waste, the minutes you allow to tick by without bringing to justice the three amoral spectator cops who watched the murderous orgy, but did nothing to serve and protect George Floyd, are days and minutes you loot the Black spirit. The protests in Minneapolis may pause. The placards in Atlanta may be placated. The graffities in Philly may be smudged. The losses in Los Angeles may plateau. Miami may finally be lulled to sleep as the lootings in St. Paul end, and Target ceases to have a target on its back. But, until American police quit looting Black lives, it will just be American cities taking a break, and ready to return on short notice. 

Deploying the National Guard to fire cannisters and teargas protesters is an abuse of the mandate of the Guard. You can't just watch the cops loot Black lives only to deploy the National Guard. George Floyd is gone, murdered in his own Minneapolis neighborhood. Ahmaud Arbery murdered by a white son, cheered by his father, for jogging in Georgia. Breonna Taylor shot and murdered in her own Kentucky home. 

Those are just cases that occurred or came to light in this month of May alone. It's a long list of Black lives looted by American police. So, what's there for the National Guard to guard? What nation is left for the National Guard to guard? What is a nation without the nationals? At the rate that African Americans are dying in the hands of American police, there may be nothing but buildings and parks for the National Guard to guard. So, before you attack and smear the protesters as looters, look around you. You just may find that the real looters wear uniform, carry badges, wield weapons, and on taxpayer payroll. And we are the taxpayer. We pay the looter's salary. 

So, you see, we are all looters. When we watch the wrenching images of a handcuffed and unarmed Black man, murdered in realtime by a morally kneecapped police officer, and we do nothing, we partake in the looting of humanity. When we pay cops who go out and loot human lives, and we do nothing, we partake in the looting. Those who loot groceries to draw attention to those who loot Black lives are morally superior to those who who pay those who loot Black lives - but do nothing.

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