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Saturday, March 7, 2020

Threat To Publisher's Life Is Serious Issue, We're Investigating It - Ogun Police Command

               • Ebrimson

From Babalola Gafar, Abeokuta

Ogun State Police Command has said it is investigating the allegation of threat to life and business interest of former State Chairman, Association of Nigerian Authors(ANA) and Publisher of Prestige Newspaper, Mr. Dada Olanipekun, by the Secretary of ANA in the State, Dada Korede.

The Police Command said it takes issues of "threat to life very seriously" and that investigation into the matter has commenced.

Disclosing this to The Daily Crucible, the Command's Public Relations Officer, Abimbola Oyeyemi, added that the ANA Secretary in the State would soon be invited by the Police for questioning in respect of the allegation.

Abimbola, a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) noted that the Petitioner would also be required to provide further details about the issue raised in his Petition.

The Daily Crucible recalls that Mr Dada Olanipekun, renowned community newspaper publisher,  poet and author, had raised an alarm over threat to his life, alleging that Dada Korede was threatening to bring harm upon him, including knocking out some of his cherished teeth.

The publisher followed the alarm up with a Petition to the Commissioner of Police in the state, Kenneth Ebrimson, where he lamented that his life and business were also in danger.

In the said petition, Olanipekun alleged that Korede communicated the threat to him through the social media platform of ANA in Ogun State and appealed to the Police Commissioner, Kenneth Ebrimson, to take necessary steps to protect him, his family and business interest.

But Mr. Dada Korede, a former lecturer of a tertiary institution in Ogun, has since dismissed the allegations, saying he meant no harm to his former Chairman, Olanipekun.

Korede despite feeling Olanipekun is using the media to intimidate him, expressed the confidence that the matter would be resolved amicably.

He said:"Nawa oh, the guy has been able to cover all newspapers in Nigeria,  you are the number seven (The Daily Crucible) calling me on this same issue that have been resolved  by the exco of Ogun  state.  We were both in the exco.

"We had argument as both of us were  in the exco.  I am the secretary and he was the former chairman, he is an ex official and we have a new chairman.

"He said I posted some things that affect his regime. He I said our regime we were underreported including myself, I'm there. There were a lot of misinterpretations that were unnecessary,  everybody intervened . If they say you are under reported it means you  did more than what you reported and he refused to understand.

"Many of those things that we both exchanged, he is a man of anger so he may say he wants to fight . And I told him he's too old to loose his teeth but it's not as if  I want to use cutlass or gun.  He is a man,  I am a man. 

"He is kind of putting up this shows and wanted to fight and I am warning him back,  we are both old enough to loose our teeth . Each time he is angry he want to fight.  How will I remove his teeth by scissors or what?

"But if you are ready to fight me I will fight you also. He said I will surprise....  The surprise from me mean many things.  I am saying that as a secretary of ANA Ogun State I can withdraw my service if you don't want me and all exco intervened and we resolved it I don't why he is going around newspaper because he is a journalist to intimidate me. 

"There is no harm  there is just an altercation between two excos of ANA. And the elders of ANA has pacified.... And I think everything is normal.  And why is he going around newspapers(for) what does he want? Why should I bother myself, I don't want enemy, I want friendship. And I'm not sure that's a threat to life."

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