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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Police Let Go Of Man That Assaulted Me, Singer Cossy Cries Out

... laments damage done to her car, others by attacker

       • Cossy


Nigerian actress and singer, Cossy Orjiakor, on Wednesday lamented that the Nigeria Police lets go of a man who stormed her residence armed with bottle and assaulted her in the morning.

Cossy who is notorious for always showing off her large bosoms at social events, said she could now understand the plights of ladies that were pushed to the wall without them being able to do anything about it save to wallow in self pity.

Using her social media page, the Anambra State born singer, producer and video vixen, said the  assault was reported at "Ilasan" Police Station, Lagos, but alleged that the Police released the guy to go.

According to her, the attacker damaged the windshield of her car and dented the body, even as the man did not also spare her apartment's entrance door which was seriously battered. 

She warned that should her attacker dare her next time, she would plunge her teeth into his and won't let go until she "pulls off the flesh."

Cossy stated:"Now i understand  the plight of ladies that are pushed to the wall that sometimes all they can do is wallow in self pity or kill ....

"Right now am so pissed off... someone came to my house with a bottle. Entered my house and we fought..... 

"How can you report a case of assault at iLasan police station and all police can do is  let the lunatic go. 

"To even transfer  the case to alagbo my lawyer thinks I will pay 100k.  When women report cases all they want is just a little jungle justice system in the station. 

"You hit a woman you collect  20 strokes of cane and everyone will go home happy. Now I wish I bite off his finger..... the next lunatic that will ever try me will be very sorry.... cuz all die na die.

" Well I have another way of letting go.... I just talk about things.  And put everyone’s pictures out there.

"I can’t even afford to fix my car anymore. So for the stab wounds on my car I use masking tapes to hold them together.  For the bigger ripped places I use niddle and thread to stitch.

 "I always see New Torn up parts every week and am tired. I have tried not to complain or report anymore but it is so not me. 
"He promised to deal with me this morning. And he always keep to his words .. if he fights me ... I think I will bite him. Anywhere I put my mouth I won’t let go  till I pull off the flesh.  I just tot I should let you guys know what’s been going  shaaa."

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