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Monday, March 16, 2020

Ogun Commissioner's Comment Puts Abiodun, Osoba On Collision Course

...Kehinde urges Ogun people to discountenance online report

From Babalola Gafar, Abeokuta

 Governor Dapo Abiodun Government slipped into a quandary on Monday over how to manage the alleged unwarranted and reckless comment by Abiodun's Sports Commissioner, Dr.Kehinde Oluwadare, which is threatening to gravely pit the Governor against his distant predecessor and All Progressives Congress (APC) leader, Aremo Segun Osoba.

As if taking a cue from the instruction earlier handed down to the Commissioners at the point of inauguration in January by Abiodun that they were accountable to nobody, Oludare was reported to have  briskly mocked Osoba and his administration from 1999 - 2003 as one that neither built people nor had leadership succession plan.

The alleged comment which went viral after an online news outlet had published it, is making Governor Abiodun and his government uncomfortable as the impressions are already created in the state and beyond  that the Sports Commissioner allegedly spoke the mind of the Governor or the government, a Source told The Daily Crucible.

It has equally drew sharp condemnations from many on the social media who described it as "utter recklessness, unwarranted" and in "bad faith."

Although, attempts were made to reach out to people to douse tension but the import of the report had gone to town and impacts already reverberating.

Requests that the volatile comments of the 36 years old Commissioner be taken down by the online publisher was also rebuffed, an attestation of the government's weak crisis management approach, another source said.

The Daily Crucible however, learnt that Osoba will not dignify the Commissioner with a reply but rather takes to watching the Governor's aide and the government in a 'siddon look' posture but a source close to Akinrogun's camp said the utterance was unwarranted and a reflection of the mind of the government.

"It is on record that Osoba has always been emphasising the fact of not having any overbearing influence on Abiodun or his government to warrant such comment from his Commissioner. This is true  to the extent that Osoba doesn't have single nominee in Dapo Abiodun's government," the Source said.

The Sports Commissioner has however responded to the online report, denying every message and insinuation contained in the said report.

Oluwadare urged the good people of Ogun State particularly the large community of Youths to discountenance the malicious report, hinting  that neccesary legal steps would  be taken against the concerned online medium if the story was not retracted within the shortest possible time.

Oluwadare's response in full: "My attention has been drawn to a piece of news  with the above caption, making the rounds, especially on the cyberspace, nay the social media.

"Ordinarily, with the seriousness the business of Governance has assumed under the present administration in Ogun State, vis a vis the loads of work at my disposal, one would not have dignified the said publication with any kind of response.

"However, as a well brought up Yoruba son, and a proud indigene of Ogun State, who is equally a good student of history, utterances quoted in the inaccurate news report as touching on the person of our highly revered leaders, Aremo Olusegun Osoba, cannot be left unattended to with proper context and perspective brought to bare.

"At no time in the course of the interractive session where the said statement was erroneously picked up from, was the person of Aremo Olusegun Osoba maligned, rubbished or disdained. This can only be the unfortunate wish of the publisher(s).

" It is quite evident that the ulterior motive of the online news medium (media) is just to attract traffic to their "cob-website", this should however not be at the detriment of revered people's dignity and reputation. 
The purported statement was a discussion taken out of context. 

"Our Father, Aremo Olusegun Osoba is one of the few nationally acknowledged and respected elders statemen, of both national and international reckoning. An Icon who has left an enviable records of achievements both in the public service and his professional career. Baba is well known for his great favourable disposition to tge emergence of youths in the  positions of power and authority, of which my humble self, as the serving Honourable Commissioner for Youth and Sport have benefited immensely from.

"I am also not in doubt that Baba Olusegun Osoba as a foremost Journalist will not hesitate to regard the publication as one of the sensational sides of modern day journalism.

"I hereby urge the good people of Ogun State particularly the large community of Youths to discountenance the said malicious report. 

"Not withstanding however, neccesary legal steps will be taken against the concerned online medium if no retraction of the story is attempted within the shortest possible time.

"I wish our beloved Aremo Olusegun Osoba many more days and years of fulfilment, in health and useful service to our fatherland."

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