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Sunday, March 8, 2020

Nollywood Actress, Omotola, Demands Women's Equal Right To Inheritance In Family As Men

... Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) laments women subjugation


Heritage Odih, Abeokuta

As Nigeria joins the rest of the world to celebrate this year edition of the International Women’s Day on Sunday, ageless Beauty Queen and Nollywood actress, Omotola Ekehinde - Ojelade populary called Omosexy has canvassed equal rights to family inheritance between women and their males sibblings.

Reflecting on the theme of this year celebration: "I am generation equality: Realising women’s rights," Omotola said gender parity means a girl child being born with same joy and excitement as a boy child, apparently disapproving of culture that unjustifiably places the boys ahead of the girls in so many fronts.

She said women should be given just the same Inheritance as others ( the males ) in the family, stressing that gender parity also means a girl child getting same educational oppurtunities as a boy child in the same environment.

The Nollywood actress and ageless mother made this known on her social media page, even as stated that a girl child should not be given more chores or burdening chores separate from boys.

"She stated: "When we talk about gender parity, we mean a Female being Given same Oppurtunities and Pay as her Male counterparts if she does same work! 

"A woman given same Oppurtunities to Serve if she chooses to, a Woman not being Abused, physically, Mentally or psychologically just because she is more Tender. Yes she is different not Inferior. 

" Women given just The same Inheritance as Others ( the males ) in the Family!"

According to her, women are givers of Life, some are Breadwinners just as Men."

She urged men to  give the women their entitlement when they work for it, as they are tender beautiful beings which deserved to be treated with Care.

Also,  the Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) used the occasion to call for end practices that subjugate women lower wrung of the ladder  in the country.

CDD said this year calls for reflection inview of the multiple obstacles including gender-based violence, Female Genital Mutilation among many others that continued to plague the achievement of equality in women lives.

 The body recalled that over the years since Nigeria’s return to democracy in 1999, culture, weak legislation has continued to impede the progress of Nigerian women’s lives in all facets.

In politics, women representation in the National Assembly has dipped to an all low of less than 5 per cent, a decline from the almost 7 per cent in previous National Assemblies.

While progress has been slow, positive rays of hope exist with more women running for offices, more women excelling in entrepreneurship, STEM and the tech space in Nigeria and all over the world.

Idayat Hassan, the director of CDD while reflecting on Nigeria’s progress since democracy and post-Beijing Platform Action said the right approach must be adopted to empower women and achieve Sustainable Development Goals.

Hassan said while efforts in all quarters to increase female enrolment and retention in schools are appreciated, the Nigerian government and the people must improve on gender sensitivity in our education system.

“Imbibing the positive stereotypes from a young age will help address negative stereotypes from childhood, this can be done through curriculum development, gender-sensitive games, cartoons amongst others,” Hassan said.

Also, to proffer solutions for this most desired progress of achieving Goal 5 of the Sustainable Development Goal which is to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls, the CDD calls on the Nigerian government at all levels to address the systemic barriers plaguing women rights in the country.

The Centre also advocates for a more dynamic approach which would tackle all forms of roadblocks women face in getting into political and appointive offices and in the long run increase the low number of women in politics.

“We advocate for 35 per cent gender quotas in the constitution and manifestoes of political parties as a mutually reinforcing strategy, there is need to identify potential women aspirants, develop their capacity to run for office and negotiate for space in politics,” Hassan said.

CDD director also said it is important that support networks for women politicians such as the Women in Politics Forum are created.

Further aligning with the United Nation’s Campaign on UN Women Intergenerational Mentorship efforts, the CDD as part of the Centre’s strategy to bridge the gap has showcased positive images and limitless opportunities available to girls and their families.

The CDD encourages intergenerational mentorship and role models to boost aspiration, increase the numbers of ongoing women mentorship program as well as support them to aspire for non-traditional jobs both in the formal and informal sectors.

"There should be targeted messages - not limited to politics and economy but also including peacebuilding - by the government and stakeholders, tailored to promote the key roles and contribution made by Nigerian women.

"We must address the widespread violation of women’s rights which manifests itself in physical, sexual and psychological ways, while largely unreported for fear of stigmatisation, shame and impunity," she added.

The CDD calls for strict implementation of all existing laws and policies in the country’s rule book and an end to impunity. As it is essential, more resources should be voted for gender-based violence work as well as data gathering in that regard.

Groups involved in girls’ rights and women development need to pool resources together to work in such a way that will positively impact on our objective by building trust, openness and support for each other.

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