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Friday, March 13, 2020

Dietitians Warn Nigerians Over Unguided Food, Supplements Intake

From Babalola Gafar, Abeokuta

The Association of Nigerian Dietitians,  Federal Medical Center, Abeokuta chapter has warned People to be wary of how they consume certain foods and supplements as a substitute for healthy food intake. 
Tunde Ajobo who is a dietitian at the Univetsity College Hospital(UCH), Ibadan expressed worry over some of the things Nigerians  consume, saying some people believe, for example, that supplements can take the place of food in man.

He disclosed this at the 2020 World Registered Dietitians Day held at the Federal Medical Centre Abeokuta. 

Ajobo noted that majority of people are deviating from reality as people no longer want to eat anymore. 

"Supplement must work with food and not to replace food,  it should be in addition and must be recommended by the physician or registered dietitian," he said.

He added that some patients come to the hospital with series of multi-vitamins, with many of them not backed by prescriptions.

"So many people use supplement for advert and we don't want a situation where people will be misguided," he added.

Also, Dietitian Ogumiluwi Oluwafunmilayo said that it is the dietitian that knows exactly what is healthy to be taken and preventive for occurrence of disease that might affect individual in some certain stages of life. 

"We are trying to advertise more of preventive nutrition,  what can be done to boost immunity from the young age to the old age," she said.

In the same vein, Dietitian Folashade Akinwande urged people to be very careful in selecting the kind of food they eat lest they exposed themselves to many non - communicable diseases like obesity, hypertension and cancer.

"Ignorance makes people to eat whatever they like,  they will tell you that they are eating whereas they are eating rubbish.

"This has probed  majority to be obese. With obesity, one is liable to non-commicable  diseases like hypertension,  vascular diseases, cancer and the rest. 

"So we are using today as an advocacy to let people know what to eat,  how to eat and select the right food."

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