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Saturday, March 7, 2020

Daniel's Son's Wedding Unites Abiodun, Amosun In Lagos

•Amosun, Daniel and Governor Dapo Abiodun

-The Daily Crucible
Call them the three political musketeers and you will not be wrong. Call them old time friends and you will also not be wrong. 

They had one thing in common - an unwritten agreement way back in 2002 or there about, to govern Ogun State one after the other. And each of them has achieved just that through a turbulent or tortuous process.

The agreement was reached at the residence of a prominent Egba politician but after Otunba Gbenga Daniel had had his turn, Amosun's quest for his turn tore the relationship between the two friends apart.

Strangely too, Dapo Abiodun quest for his turn also strained the 25 years old friendship between Amosun and him.

At a time, the three were on their separate paths, at least on the surface, prompting many to wonder even aloud whether the three political musketeers would ever be friends once again given the dept of political antagonism allegedly displayed in desperate bids to scuttle the dreams of one another and the agreement earlier reached in respect of the Turn - By - Turn (TBT) occupation of Oke Mosan Governor's Office among the three of them.

But on Saturday in Lekki, Lagos, Gbenga Daniel's son's wedding brought the three together again with Governor Dapo Abiodun having a warm handshake with his predecessor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun.

The warm embrace is a welcome development for the political health of the Gateway State. 
        • Governor Abiodun, Oluwarotimi & Nefisa

In his admonition to the young couple - Oluwarotimi and Nefisa, Governor Abiodun said marriage is a divine institution and designed to bring order to society.

Governor noted that apart from birth and graduation, marriage was one of the times that bring joy to parents, adding that it was also  the time they cherish the most in their lives.

While congratulating the couple, the Governor urged them to love, tolerate one another and make God the cornerstone of their home, to ensure a successful family life.

Earlier in his sermon at the solemisation service, the Archbishop, Anglican Communion, Remo Diocese, Most Rev. Olusina Fape, stated that family was the smallest constituency of society, which should be preserved.

Taking his text from Matt. 19, Most Rev. Fape decried the high level of divorce in the society, which he attributed to intolerance, lack of love, finance issues, parental influence, among others, while he said that divorce was not the plan of God for man.

The Clergyman said for there to be peace in the society, the home must be peaceful. He called on the couple to make their home a place of prayer at all times.

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