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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

COVID-19: The Issue For Israelites Is More Than Just Headcount After The War By Dotun Oyeniyi

Humans' unchecked and irresponsible relationship with animals is the cause of the current sufferings and general apprehension. Genetic analysis of coronavirus suggests it originated from bat. See what our folly has caused us?  Thousands of sudden, untimely death and still counting. Eerily empty streets. Deserted airports.  Ubiquitous 'house arrests'. And the fear of unknown about who is covid-19 positive, who would have died  and who would count after 'the war'.

After this 'covid' war, the issue for attention must transcend just the headcount by Israelites and a report to Moses. Man's relationship with animals must be addressed and regulated  once and for all by the United Nations. All practices that could trigger a jump of strain from animals to humans through irresponsible handling and use of animals must be proscribed.  The previous cross-species infections were simply awed by Covid-19 which has now  brought the world to its knees. Our world appears to be falling apart.

The potential catastrophe this virus portend for countries that lack money and leadership is scary. The fact that Mr Aba Kyari is ferried to Lagos for treatment says a lot about the state of Nigeria's health sector. A flood that sweeps away the elephant must make the sheep cry. Our leaders depend on the US and the UK for healthcare but 'Covid' has shut the doors to UK and US hospitals to 'aliens'. Eni te fe lo sa ba, oun gan nsa lo ni - your usual refuge is also in search of sanctuary. Your mega buildings in Abuja are now useless.

You ask people to close their shops and stay indoors in an obvious imitation of what the west is doing but you do not know that social distancing order must come with social support. The one that leashes a goat must have cassava ready to feed it. How does a government that does not even know how many, and who her citizens are, be able to provide for them in a moment of temporary house arrest?

After covid, I join Abiodun Asimiyu Ladepo's voice for a revolution for better governance and responsible leadership which we haven't had since 1999.

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