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Tuesday, March 17, 2020

We Won't Allow Ogun Youths To Be Left Out Of ICT Revolution - Sidi Osho

The Commissioner for Education, Science and Technology, Sidi Osho, spoke passionately to The Daily Crucible on the steps being taken by the present administration in the state to raise the bar of education during the recent "Ogun Technology Assisted Learning Forum" organised in Abeokuta for students of tertiary institutions. 

          •Education Commissioner, Sidi Osho

What should be expected from the education sector of this present administration in Ogun State?

The education sector should not be local, it should be quality, it should align with Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) of quality education. It should pave way for innovations for development, for industrial opportunities and for us to be able to meet industrial revolution.

What is the way to this envisaged industrial revolution?

The only way we can achieve this is through technology, it is by having technologically based  knowledge and that is why we are  having  seminar for our youths in the ICT hub which was commissioned by his excellency in October last year. 

Is the Hub on course to drive ICT knowledge in Ogun State?

The goal of this hub is to reach out to our learners at the primary, the secondary and tertiary institutions to be at par with technologies in the 21th century, to learn. Today, we are showcasing technologies to our youths that will improve the delivery of lectures to them, that will allow them to learn, that will allow them to explore in their research, that will be able to give them opportunities to be scientists because we are going the way of globalisation. 

What other ways have been charted by this current administration to raise the bar of education in the Gateway State?

His excellency is doing a lot in the rehabilitation of facilities in schools all over the State. We have also commenced the recruitment of quality teachers by our parastatals in SUBEB and TESCOM. We are also going to be giving them capacity building to improve their teaching skills in the classroom. We have scholarship programmes for our universities and other tertiary institutions. We have exchange programmes, partnerships with international organisations, international schools to do what we call a partnership in training.

What is been done in the area of teaching or knowledge transfer?

The development of ICT had gradually replaced the traditional teaching pedagogy. Very soon we believe that you can access your lectures, you can communicate with your lecturers, you can do team work on your phones and even on IPads. So, face-to-face classroom interaction is being replaced with online communication. Traditional blackboard, blackboard are being replaced with interactive schooling. And printed resources are being replaced with online sources. The administration of Governor Dapo Abiodun is very interested in making sure that the education sector delivers quality education. We are in line with the SDG goals which is quality education. The commitment of the Governor to education is totally hundred percent.

Don't you think other stakeholders should be carried along?

A lot of people need to work together in the education sector to build a better quality education and that is why we are organising our youths and ICT savvy people to interract, impart the right knowledge to our people. We are building a Public-Private-Partnership and models which are significant and will improve the quality of education delivery in our State. 
The whole world is already moving and we are already in the fourth industrial revolution and Nigeria must not be seen to be behind. Research has shown that ICT has brought about some potential benefits and changes in the way of teaching and learning. It is firmly believed in most developing countries that the most the essential prerequisite of building a nation technology and technological access. 

To what extent should tech education be taken seriously by the youths of Ogun State ?

Technology is considered one of the most aspects of education in today's world. Since technology is regarded as a powerful tool of the 21st century learners' and teachers' pedagogy and technology must be a priority in the delivery of education and our lectures in our classrooms and institutions. 
The future of higher education is linked with the development of new technologies and computing capacities of new intelligent machines. In compliance with this, are 21st century jobs opportunities available. It is a must to be a techie

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