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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

World Radio Day : Remember Radio Stations' Divisive Roles In Rwandan Genocide - TMC Tells Nigerians

- The Daily Crucible

As the Nigeria mark the 2020 World Radio Day, The Muslim Congress (TMC) has called on all stakeholders especially politicians, religious leaders, owners of radio stations and its practitioners to use the radio media platform responsibly.

This was part of the contents of the letter sent by the Ogun State chapter of the TMC to selected radio stations in Ogun State to commemorate this year’s World Radio Day.

Every 13th of February is recognised by the United Nations for the commemoration of the World Radio Day.

In the letter signed by the Waali of TMC in Oguin State, Dr Ibrahim Ogunkoya and the Public Relations Officer, Alhaji Jamiu Folarin; the organisation cautioned radio stations in Nigeria from following the footsteps of radio stations in Rwanda in 1994, which promoted divisive narratives and hate speech against ethnic groups.

“As we mark the 2020 World Radio Day, we appeal to Nigerians not to not use Nigeria radio stations the way it was used for Rwanda Genocide,” Ogunkoya stated.

The TMC used the letter titled: “Felicitation On The 2020 World Radio Day” to express its concerns over the use of the mass media, especially radio, for the promotion of hate speech, fake news and propaganda capable of threatening the corporate existence of Nigeria.

“We suggest that your radio station should champion the cause of engaging in Public Service Broadcasting aimed at re-orientation of Nigerians who have been fed with hatred for some tribes and religions.

“This is the time to use the radio platform to change the narrative so that we will not experience what happened with the Hutu and Tutsi tribes in Rwanda. It was on record that radio provided the platform on which millions of people in Rwanda were killed.

“It is therefore a great responsibility on our part not to allow such to happen in Nigeria because with all indications, bigots are pushing Nigerians towards this playing on their prejudice.

“We urge Nigerians and all stakeholders who believe in the Nigeria project to use the occasion of the 2020 World Radio Day to change the divisive narratives now popular on mass media.”

The Islamic organisation commended radio stations for providing the platform for the teeming populations in the country where Nigerians get load of educative, informative and entertaining programmes.

“As the people of Ogun State and by extension Nigeria commemorate the World Radio Day, we urge your organisation to continue to add value to the lives of people through the provision of quality programmes you are known with.

“We are open to collaboration on possible areas where we can both use the opportunities provided by the radio broadcast platform to promote peace, unity and progress amidst the diversity in Nigeria cultural and religious inclinations.

“It is on this note that we commended the recent new broadcast policy announced by the Federal Government through the Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Muhammad.

“It is our opinion that the new regulatory framework, if well implemented, will promote the rich cultural diversity of Nigeria and will further bring sanity to the business of broadcasting in the country,” he concluded.

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