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Sunday, February 23, 2020

The Ancient Dog Hunting The Modern Rabbit By Dotun Oyeniyi

The lack of decisive grip and grasp over the security challenges that Nigeria faced; and profligate use of public funds were two resounding reasons why we voted GEJ out of office. I regret to say that the current government hasn’t fared much better. Mr President is indecisive and unassertive on our security challenges. And retention of the grossly ‘unfit  for purpose’ service chiefs in office is a conclusive evidence of this. 

Firearms alone is unlikely to defeat Boko Haram. We need intelligence. I strongly think that knowing who is a Nigerian and who is not is one area begging for immediate attention. The porous borders along the Northeast belt that allow unfettered cross of international space by shady characters must be addressed. 

Desperate problems demand desperate solutions. We need a biometrics record of all Nigerians whatever the cost implications. When crimes are committed, criminals leave fingerprints at crime scenes. The police in the UK depend on biometrics to tackle most crimes. 

The profligate, callous, insensitive and what-can-you-do-to-us use of public funds by Messrs Lawan and Gbajabiamila and their men is just so pathetic. How can a party that used financial probity pledge to gain office look the other way as his men in the federal legislative houses are spending like lottery winners? 

Since 1999, we have been trapped in the same repeating loop of power, privilege and free money for elected officials who ‘rule’ rather than lead, while the electorates wallow in wants, in insecurity, in privation and in poverty -both in the financial term and the quality of life and living terms. Listen, the Yoruba say, when it faces you, shoot it, when it turns it back at you, shoot it again but when you are left alone, try and review your situation. Between now and 2023, we must review our situation so that we explore a conscious route to make politics an administrative puzzle to solve instead of the current existential struggle with no exit that it is. 

Solutions to Nigeria problems is not in any political party as presently constituted. It is within individuals. No political party is an assembly of just saints. None is a club of just sinners. The wanton cross-carpets of the past has even made both the APC and the PDP to become identical twins to a large extent. We need to focus more on individuals rather than parties, especially in presidential hopefuls.  

The example of Mr President has shown that in this age, only a modern dog can successfully hunt a modern rabbit. Even if President Buhari has good intentions, he is severely clogged by his health, his physical strength, his mental ability, his understanding of the modern governance sophistication, and the suffocating grip by his trusted and ultra loyal aides who now occupy ringside seats and appear to put a leash on the president’s neck.

Dotun Oyeniyi is a Politician, Lawyer, Writer & Activist

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