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Sunday, February 16, 2020

Side Chicks : My Advice Taken Out Of Context - Mercy Aigbe


From Jane Okafor, Abuja

Nigerian Actress and Brand Ambassador, Mercy Aigbe, has said that she was taken out of context regarding her advice to ladies(Side Chicks), who run after married men.

The Awards winning Actress and YouTuber, who was palpably disturbed by the manner she was misrepresented and misunderstood by people over the weekend said she "never encouraged anybody to do bad thing."

The filmmaker was reported to have advised ladies and woman (sidechicks ) who go after married men to ensure that they were really "cashing out" since marriage won't be expected in such a relationship. 

The advice touched off angry reactions and condemnations from a section of the public, with many accusing her of encouraging bad things.

But in her latest video, she took time to make some clarifications, saying she only advised ladies to hold their "pride and dignity" by engaging in legitimate venture to earn honest income.

According to her, women should not date or be seen to be creaming cash off men which could as well as earn if they had chosen to work with their hands and brain.

Citing herself as an example, she stressed that all that she accomplished today, were the result of her dint of hard work.


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