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Saturday, February 29, 2020

Ogun Steps Up Measures To Prevent Spread Of Coronavirus


From Heritage Odih, Abeokuta

Ogun State government has taken a step further to prevent the spread of the infectious and deadly Coronavirus to residents and visitors to the Gateway State with a planned visit by officials to Ewekoro to assess the situation there and assure the public not to entertain any reason to panic.

It was officially confirmed on Friday that the Italian Coronavirus Patient visited a manufacturing plant in Ewekoro, Ogun State, with a section of the plant's facility he visited shut down indefinitely while two isolation centres were also created there.

Also, Governor Dapo Abiodun did disclose that  28 people ( apparently company workers) have been placed on quarantine at the isolation centres for the next 14 or more days for a close monitoring of their health.

The Daily Crucible gathered that people are going about carrying out their daily chores in Ewekoro without panic. 

Also, apart from the particular unit visited by the Italian which had since been shut, other parts of the factory remained largely unaffected as  the workers were sighted going about their duties 

The Daily Crucible was told that officials of the Ogun State Health ministry were being expected at the facility.

Meanwhile, the state Commissioner for Health, Dr. Tomi Coker, has advised the residents to shun taking 'Agboo' - herbal preparations, this critical time, warning that taking Agboo now  could delay early diagnoses of Coronavirus and proper treatment procedure for the person if infected.

Coker said delay diagnoses and treatment procedure  could mean serious consequence and advised the public to contact only public health facilities immediately,  if they suspect Coronavirus infection.

She said: "Individually, we have to be responsible for our health.  Everyone of us need to have a good respiratory hygiene. 

"If you have a cough or cold, we have to cover our mouth with tissue or handkerchief and dispose them responsibly.  Don't leave them anyhow because the virus could still be around.  

"We also have to make sure we wash our hands regularly with flowing water in a bowl.  Soap and water is one of the most effective means to avoid transmission.  If there is anyone in your vicinity that has cold and cough, I am imploring you to avail themselves with primary health centre nearest to them. 

"Please do not go to a private hospital, a herbalist or use traditional medicine; this is not the time to start using alternative medicine because when you use alternative medicine, you are delaying diagnosis and the health that is at hand.  

"If you feel unwell, we have over 521 primary health centres all around us; there is at least one in each ward.  There is adequate government hospitals erected around the state that you can access health care.  

"If you suspect and they pick it up in the primary health centres, stay there, observe the individual and the disease surveillance officer would  report to the epidemiologist and we would pick it up from there. If there is anyone in your family or friend that have fever, keep at least five feet away to avoid transmission. We do know that it is close contact that caused transmission.  

"Do not  panic, we are going to continue to alert people, create awareness in every part of the state.  Our health educators are out there that will continue to orientate the people of the state.  

"We would encourage our health workers not to panic and not to neglect any patient as long as they observed  full medical outfit which is wear your mask, wear your gloves. 

"There are personal protective equipment that have been distributed to the Isolation centres at OOUTH and we have infection disease consultant who is trained on management of diseases.

"I believe as we speak, we are prepared and we would continue to prepare. We have identified location where we are going to set up our emergency operation centre with all the digital assistance and ICT that we need so that we have the grasp of the disease surveillance and emergency committee would be meeting every morning until we stand down. 

"The emergency operation centre is a computerized system which will tell you exactly what is happening in every local government in every primary health centres. So, there can only be one so that we have a strategic overview of what is happening outside.  

"We are  listing every contact and every single contact would be identified at the end of the exercise.  We cannot say for now the number of people that have contact with the patient. Our workers are out there, line listening; line listening is asking who is who, getting contact number, issuing them thermometers to monitor themselves and we would be contacting them on daily basis to monitor their temperature. I cannot tell of a number at this point in time."

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  1. I belief that if the emergence of coronavirus infection is combatted the way Ebola infection was tackled there won't be any cause for alarm. With the response of the Ogun and Lagos state governments, we should all go to bed with our eyes closed
    But the isolation centers should be made habitable and comfortable to prevent the idea of trying to escape from the center's by either a suspected or confirmed cases