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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Enraged Man Batters Wife Over Alleged Infidelity

The couple

From Kelvin Ogbebor, Yenagoa 

An enraged man had, allegedly, battered his wife, knocking out three set of her teeth, denting the once beautiful face,  jaw and  leaving them bloodied over accusation that she has serially cheated on him.

It was learnt that the palpably disappointed man who is said to be based in Canada, could not believe his eyes on discovering that the woman she left in Nigeria for abroad was having nice time with another man, funding the alleged adulterous lifestyle of his wife and the strange man with money being sent regularly from abroad.

The jealous husband, The Daily Crucible gathered, took the wife to secluded area, confonted her with evidence of cheating and thereafter, began to pommel her with blows thoroughly. The gory picture and others depicting their happy moment in the past, have since gone viral on social media.

The true identities of the couple who  are believed to be Southeasterners, are yet to be established but the incident, according to unofficial source, is said to have taken place in Port - Harcourt, the Rivers State capital.

A source said that the AriseNews 24 TV first investigated the story.

What touched off the violent reaction from the guy was that when he came back to pick his wife and children, ostensibly to relocate them to Canada and on a second thought, elected to first carry out Dioxynibonucleiacid(DNA) test on the children to ascertain their paternity.

However, the three children supposedly thought to be fathered by him, failed the test one after the other - the DNA results, it was alleged, did not link him with any of the children.

The DNA test was said to have been instructed by the Embassy as it formed  part of the requirements for the children to benefit from the country's social welfare policy through him once they were domiciled abroad.

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