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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Multi - Billion Naira Edifice In Lagos Wastes Away, Hosts Criminals

An edifice in neglect

It was with high hope when conceived at the beginning just as it also aroused wild enthusiasm when the first foundation stone was cast because of the promises the structure held for the government, the host community nay state and nation.

The about 17 - storey edifice sits on an estimated two acres of land located at the  Iyana Era along Badagry expressway, Lagos, but has largely been left forlorn, abandoned and deserted.

It is not yet certain what purpose the uncompleted and neglected structure was originally conceived to address or whether it was a private initiative or that of the Lagos state government or Federal.

Unofficial source hinted that the 40 year old building was, upon completion, envisaged to house the administrative Headquarters or Secretariat of the National Provident Fund(NPF) which now goes by the name Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund (NSITF).

The unofficial source hinted further that the location might have been deemed ideal for the project at the time, given also the status of Lagos as the Federal Capital of Nigeria, at the time but the movement of the Capital to Abuja later, defeated the plan and puts a stop to the work on it.

It sticks out as a metaphor of neglect and abandonment that have become the lot of the country. Many of such building abound in most parts of Nigeria.

Curiously, the edifice in focus is said to be a close neighbour to the  National PostGraduate Medical College, a Foreign Affair Academy, Federal Government College, Ijanikin, Department of State Service Quaters among others.

The public are asking, how on earth will such asset wastes away? Why is the government - be it Local, State and Federal, be so insensitive to this abandoned structure?

Like a saying that goes "Nature abhors vacuum," a wing of the structure is now a den of criminals and it is serving  them as a dark incubation centre for their nefarious activities while reptiles, rodents, wild birds and weeds hold forth at other section of it.

Can't our government, Federal, State and Local government get interested in it and every similar property in Nigeria? 

This becomes necessary considering the fact that the structure having been exposed to the elements unprotected for decades, constitutes danger to public safety as its structural integrity cannot be trusted today - The Daily Crucible

Credit Picture: Deji Aborisade

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