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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Amosu to Ogun NUJ Members: Boycott Any Reception For Isiguzo In Ogun

From Ayobami Ife, Abeokuta

The frosty relationship between the Ogun State Council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists(NUJ) and the National body, worsened on Thursday as the State Council Chairman of NUJ,  Com. Soji Amosu, advised members of the union to boycott any reception for the National President of the Union, Chris Isiguzo, in any location in the state or elsewhere.

Amosu also urged the Prince Dapo Abiodun - led Government in the Gateway State not to accord Isiguzo any recognition or honour during his rumoured planned visitation or tour of the Ogun Council of NUJ.

Addressing reporters in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, Amosu accused the NUJ President of engaging in divisive activities against Ogun Council and many others in bids to enthrone illegality.
He said Isiguzo's planned visit would add nothing of any value or profit to state and her people save to further aggravate the crisis he(Isiguzo) foisted on the once peaceful Ogun NUJ.

Amosu said: "I am compelled to address you today on some developments and the State of Our great Union which some few individuals decided to put into total crisis and ridicule before the general public.

"Journalism is a profession that is supposed to be an arbiter of truth, justice, fairness, and a noble profession where fraudulent and people with questionable characters should not have a free day as the people look unto it as the opium of a free, just, fair and egalitarian society,  but alas, the Union has been thrown into a needles crisis because of the selfishness and personal agenda of a few individuals at the national secretariat with the connivance of some disgruntled members at the State Council.

"I need not bore you with the genesis of the crisis as everyone of us here is fully aware of it, but I will delve a little bit into where we are now, where we are going and the illegal tour of the embattled national President of the Union, Chris Iziquzo.

"As at today, the only known Executive of the Union in the State is Soji Amosu led Exco, any other person or individual parading himself as Chairman or Executive is flouting an order of the Court which we all know its implications.

"The Order that was made by a court of competent jurisdiction has not been vacated so anybody parading himself as a caretaker committee where an elected executive still exist is doing so at his own peril.

"We have decided to take the part of law because of our belief in practising what we say rather than resulting into self help. God has been on Our side, you people have been the fulcrum in which our struggle is hanging on. We are not taking your support for granted. Our only mission is to salvage Ogun NUJ and the entire Union from the grip of an individual, that is why we are in Court, that is why we are not listening to any side talks as the outcome of our decision will determine where NUJ will be in future.

"Now on the tour of Chris Iziguzo to the State Councils, we would not have come out to react on it but due to the role he played in the whole crisis bedeviling NUJ today in Ogun and no less than 11 Councils in Nigeria.

"The president is supposed to be a father to all, he is supposed to be a rallying point and a just father to all his Children, but alas, we have a puppet as a president. Never in the history of our great Union have we have it so bad, imaging a President ordering that election should be conducted Six in the morning. A president that will unilaterally annul an election because of his unfounded allegation that the winner did not vote for him, a president that is facing three cases in different courts in the country based on his eligibility to be a Journalist, talk less of leading us, a leader that is leading a faction of the Union and causes the crisis rocking the Sports writer Association of Nigeria, SWAN, today. (We now have two factions of SWAN) the NAWOJ is also not left out. In fact we are in a turbulent period in the Union.

"Me think that we don't deserve this kind of a leader at all, and I want to call on the past leaders, those that still have passion for the NUJ in the country to rise up and salvage the few that still remains from total collapse. History will remember the roles everyone of us is playing today.

"Now to his tour of Ogun Council, One would have expected that as a leader that he called himself, The embattled President would have used the opportunity to broker peace in the State, but as we speak today, the Executive of the Union has not been officially informed of his tour of the State, we only hear it from social media and hearsay, whereas he is hobnobbing with illegal caretaker committee that he put in place and also bragging that One thousand Amosu can not stop him from coming to Ogun State. Is a person making that statement a leader at all.

"To this end  I want to appeal to all our genuine members to boycott the reception of Chris Iziguso as his coming to Ogun State will aggravate already tensed situations on ground.

"We want to also call on the Ogun State Government not to honour the visit. His coming to Ogun State based on the reports we gathered is to solicit financial support for his second term ambition, and to perpetrate illegality by flouting Court order. We want the government to remain neutral on the issue of Ogun NUJ crisis, Iziguzo has nothing to benefit the State. We don't want to embarrass the government when we are protesting against Iziguzo. Our members decide to protests his maladministration,  as his coming is not in good faith, we have written the Governor on why we are against his coming to the State.

"There is no point for government in rolling out drums for somebody of questionable character, a man with unidentifiable names.

"The Caretaker committee has undermined the commonwealth of the Union in the State. The Executive has already put motion on ground to invite ICPC to investigate the rationale behind the lease of a section of the Secretariat under a questionable and dubious circumstances in connivance with the National President, knowing fully that the property in question belong to Federal government.

"We are interested in knowing how  a whopping sum of Three million was spent, being a proceed from the illegal lease of the structure.. 

"Also all security agencies have been alerted and we hope they will listen to us as we don't want Ogun State to be in the news for negative matter,  we don't want to be pushed to the wall, 

"Again to all Our members, I want to thank you for your support, we are not taking it for granted at all, we know the passion and the tenacity in which you are supporting us, like I use to tell you, the struggle is not about Amosu becoming Chairman, but about injustice, lawlessness, godfatherism and other shenanigans going on in the Union. The outcome of our struggle will form the fulcrum in which future elections will stand as with the outcome, no individual will sit somewhere and say he is the lord of manor. Let us forge ahead, and with few efforts, we shall get there."

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