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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Maryam Sanda: Death Sentence Slammed On Her, Devastating - President Buhari's Aide, Other Nigerians

                  • Maryam Sanda and hubby 

From Jane Okafor, 

President Muhammadu Buhari’s aide on New Media Bashir Ahmad has reacted to the Monday death sentence slammed Ms Maryam Sanda  by a Federal High Court sitting in Abuja,  for stabbing her husband to death.

Maryam Sanda  allegedly murdered her husband, Bilyaminu Bello in November 2017 by stabbing him to death.

Bilyaminu was said to be the son of former PDP chairman, Haliru Bello.

Presidentuhammadu Buhari’s aide on New Media Bashir Ahmad has reacted to the death sentence handed out to by a Federal court in Abuja on Maryam Sanda, for murdering her husband.

Maryam Sanda is alleged to have murdered her husband, Bello in November 2017 by stabbing him to death.

He was the son of former PDP chairman, Haliru Bello.

But reacting to the death sentence, Ahmad described it as "devastating and traumatic," adding that it is not one that could be easy to bear.

In a tweet, the Buhari's aide on new media prayed Allah to strengthen the couple’s families.

He said:“I feel so sorry and sad for Maryam Sanda’s daughter, growing up to understand such devastating incidences will not going to be easy. May Allah give her the strength and be with her. Thoughts and prayers have been with Bilyaminu and Maryam’s families. May Allah comfort them."

Also, other Nigerians took to the social media to express their feelings about the sentencing, with some saying the punishment was well deserved while others said energy dissipated on Sanda case should be used to tackle political crimes and terrorism ravaging the country.

For one Adunni Achebe, "Maryam Sanda death sentence seemed reasonable because she took a life, which begs the question, why are Boko Haram members still being rehabilitated?"

A Muslim sister who viewed it from spiritual perspective, said it was a blessing in disguise for the convict, explaining that suffering the death penalty here on earth would set her free from eternal damnation here after.

"Maryam Sanda is being saved from the punishment in the hereafter, as a Muslim you should know this. It might be tragic but this is justice. It's more of a favour than a punishment," a lady tweeted.

Tosin Olugbenga was palpably touched by the fate that befell Sanda, urging people to walk out of relationship that isn't working.

Tosin said: "I really felt terribly bad for Maryam Sanda. From her screaming after the court judgements,I'm most certain she's deeply pained.

"Getting a death sentence for an action you took out of anger, costing the life of your husband. If your marriage isn't working, please walk away."

Also, a man with the twitter handle:Doctor Emto, hailed the death verdict but said same principle and yardstick should be applied to every Police officer who unlawfully takes the life of a Nigerian.

"You see the verdict given by the court on Maryam Sanda's case? That's exactly what every police officer that has unlawfully  killed anyone deserves!"

I pray  we don't settle for less...
The law is clear and should be followed!
Accidental discharge is BS," he said.

Again, one Nigerian agreed with the judgement, saying Maryam Sanda was sentenced to death by hanging for killing her husband, he however counselled ladies to walk out of a toxic relationship lest something untoward happens.

"To all the girls out there, please always control your jealousy," he said.

For another Nigerian who identified himself as Uncle Ajala, "Maryam Sanda (was) sentenced to death for killing her husband Bilyaminu Bello, because the punishment for killing is death," but at tbe same time feels bothered that "Boko Haram members will be caught after killing  and destroying properties, Nigeria governmrnt will rehabilitate them and send them back to the society, it makes no sense."

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