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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Financial Autonomy Will Restore Lost Glory of LGs In Ogun, Says NULGE Boss

The new President of National Union of Local Government Employees (NULGE), Ogun State chapter, Comrade Ayuba Olatunji,
on Tuesday expressed the confidence that the lost glory of local governments in the state would return by 100% with financial autonomy if the plans by the Federal Government to pay Councils allocations directly to them, sails through.

Olatunji said since the return of democracy in Nigeria, the last time the 20 Local Government Areas of Ogun state had it so good and performed their lawful responsibilities, were during the administration of Aremo Segun Osoba and that of Otunba Gbenga Daniel, stressing that all of the NULGE's agitations for the return of such good old days of Local Governments were rebuffed by the immediate past government.

The NULGE boss who spoke with reporters in Abeokuta while reacting to the Federal Government's intention to start paying allocations for LGs directly to them instead of routing it through their respective State governments as was the the case before now, noted that the Local Governments were unable to perform even it's rudimentary responsibility to the people at the grassroot because all sources of revenues - Federal allocations and Internally Generated Revenues (IGR) were allegedly hijacked by the immediate past administration and also shortchanged them in fund sharing.

He recalled that during Gbenga Daniel's era, Local Governments in the state were building and rehabilitating roads, bridges, hospitals, schools and also  kept the environment clean through quick and efficient waste disposal, lamenting that the LGs have remained largely incapacitated as evidenced with the sight of refuse and dirty surroundings everywhere.

Olatunji however, expressed the hope that  the fortune of the Local Governments would change for the better in the state with the new administration of Dapo Abiodun  following a discussion NULGE had with him and his team.

He also urged the Governor not to renege on his electioneering pledge to make the Local Governments robust, viable and responsive to the needs of the people in his time by empowering them to perform their roles.

"In the past when local government were taking the allocation directly, we could see the developments at local governments, we could see roads been opened by local governments,  even tarred roads, I can specifically say at Ewekoro local government, there's  a road network,  the  Lagos road there was tarred by the local government of Ewekoro when it  was receiving its allocations directly. In Yewa South, there was a bridge that even the state government couldn't do as at that time, it was the local government that did it and so many like that. 

"Hospitals were there, the Local governments were  assisting in electrification of rural areas,  opening roads,   constructing bore-holes,  today what is the situation,  we can see refuse at the corner,  everywhere because the local government that are supposed to do it,  are being deprived of the logistics to do that,  and if course, if these allocations are credited to the local governments direct now, we want to assure you,  we want to assure Nigerians that the lost glory of local government would be restored. 

"The  road maintenances, opening of rural roads, our primary health centres  would be returned to the original way when local government was local government. 
The refuse collection and disposal is purely the local government issue when it is returned,  we want to assure you that Ogun State would be more cleaner than the way it is now.

 "So, these are issues relating to coming of the direct allocations of the local government, we are long awaiting,  we have been fighting this,  we can remember sometimes ago,  when the eight National Assembly threw the thing back to respective states assemblies, it was unfortunate that we could not make the two-third  majority, in fact many of the then states assemblies could not even discuss and agree,  they were only pushing it, they only wanted to make a kind of public hearing, only twelve states debated it and made a resolution,  out of the twelve states,  nine agreed which fell short of the  two-third requirement. 

" I can recall that in the era of Otunba Gbenga Daniel, and before him, local governments were collecting money, in fact during Otunba Gbenga Daniel's administration,  there was this issue of Joint Allocations Committee(JAC). The then government would  invite the local governments, which was in the provision of creation and shared accordingly using all the parameters the Federal government has laid down.  Each of the local government would be credited unto them the due amount and of course,  their IGRs were not taken away from them, so local government at the time had ample resources within them.

 "So, apart from that, they were constructing schools,  maintaining schools,  and so on and so forth,  that's why you see in the inscriptions on some of the  primary schools building reading OGD Team Project, OGD,  OGD.  Such era of OGD were what we canvassed for in the immediate past government(Governor Ibikunle Amosun's administration) too, but unfortunately with all our hues and cries, we had no headway."

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  1. Just like the Ewwkoro, Remo North witnessed a lot social and physical infrastructural development during Osoba and OGD Administrations. Such develoomdeve include asphalt of existing roads, opening of new roads, housing estate, construction of blocks of classrooms, construction of court buildings, construction of Libraries, construction of Local Government secretariat buildings and many more. May we not witness the kind of Amosun administration in our dear Gateway State.