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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Why Wealthy Politicians, Generals Gang Up Against Buhari - Sen Adeola

Senator Solomon Adeola has given insight into why some wealthy politicians and retired military generals are against the re-election bid of President Mohammadu Buhari.

The All Progressives Congress(APC) Senator; Lagos West, said key wealthy politicians and retired military generals are not comfortable with Buhari because he has ended their era of cornering the nation’s wealth for themselves.

The Senate Committee chairman on Local content, added that President Buhari is now channeling same wealth for things that will directly impacts on the lives of the poor.

Addressing stakeholders of Ajeromi Ifelodun LGA at Ajegunle  after a  “Street-to Street” tour of the area, including the inner Ajegunle ghetto city, he said  the actors in PDP are fighting the President in a tooth and nail manner, because his administration makes no provision for free money from the nation's wealth.

Adeola popularly called Yayi said this informed why key PDP actors, including its presidential candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, who were once with APC in 2015, but afterwards, gradually left when  Buhari's system of APC administration no longer allow  business as usual they were accustomed to while in government for 16 years.

“For 16 years all the principal actors opposing Buhari were in PDP or have links with the party with the sole aim of enriching themselves at the expense of things that benefits the masses like infrastructure, power,social intervention for the poor and empowerment. 

"They are used to collecting billions of naira from our commonwealth for projects that are not executed or out rightly looting our resources as revealed in various anticorruption drive of Buhari. 

"That era ended with Buhari faithful implementation of Treasury Single Account (TSA) to the chagrin of those who fed fat on the old system, hence the fight against Buhari,” Adeola stated.

Senator Adeola noted that those that do not mean well for the ordinary Nigerians in APC having critical positions in government and society quickly gang up and ran back to PDP with Atiku as the leader with the sole aim of returning Nigeria to inglorious era.

According to him, returning PDP to power  means a repeat of the inglorious system where money meant for infrastructures, social investment and economic development are stolen brazenly.

Adeola who gave the insight in a statement by Chief Kayode Odunaro, Media Adviser to the Senator,  advised the electorate to realise  that the choices they make next Saturday at the Presidential and National Assembly will greatly affect their future in terms of having a fair share of the nation resources for development.

He urged Nigerians to decide whether to stick to an administrative system that improves their lives or the ruinous old way of individuals carting away the nations’s wealth for personal advancement which PDP represents.

Adeola said: “At the National Assembly where I am a member, we have conducted many investigations of Buhari without indicting him or his vice president of stealing a kobo from Nigeria. The same cannot be said of all the key actors in PDP in the fight against Buhari. 

"They owned private jets, private universities, houses all over the world and still want our resources to maintain the lifestyle they are used to at the detriment of the people. 

"The reverse is the case for Buhari and Osinbajo whose sole aim is to better the lives of majority of the people with such policies as infrastructure developments,  improvement in power supply, social interventions like school feeding, trade-moni, cash transfer, N-power among others.”

He also  urged the electorate to vote for Buhari and all APC candidates in Saturday’s election as that is the only way that they can sustain the gains in major infrastructural development and policies that are people oriented.

He explained that Nigeria cannot afford to go back to the PDP era if the nation is to progress to the next level of positive developments.

While reiterating his achievements as a senator in the areas of bills sponsorship, empowerment of constituents and effective representation, Senator Adeola assured  that he would improve on his record if re-elected.

He  added that he will be returning to the Senate as a ranking senator of Lagos West, the largest senatorial district in Nigeria and cannot afford a neophyte politician as their representatives in the highest legislative body in Nigeria.

In attendance at the stakeholders meeting included Alhaji Rabiu Oluwa, the APC apex leader in Lagos West APC, Hon. Ali Balogun, a commissioner in Lagos State government as well as candidates of APC from Ajeromi Ifelodun LGA.

Godwin Akomah, Southwest Bureau

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