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Thursday, February 7, 2019

Adeola To Work For Inclusion Of Lagos LCDAs In Constitution

Senator Solomon Adeola  has pledged to work for the recognition  and inclusion of the 37 Local Council Development Authorities, LCDAs created by the Lagos State Government as Local Government Councils  in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 

Adeola noted that it was regrettable that a Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) controlled Federal Government at the time,  frustrated the attempt by Lagos State to redress the injustice and cheating in Local Government creation among states.

The All Progressives Congress(APC) Senator, Lagos West, who disclosed this while speaking in a meeting with stakeholders of Oshodi –Isolo LGA during  his “House-to House, Street -to- Street” campaign tour of the area comprising Oshodi Isolo LGA, Isolo  and Ejigbo LCDAs, added that it is unjust for Lagos  to have only 20 LGAs while Kano State with similar populations has over as much as 44. 

He explained that the noble objective could be realized when President Mohammed Buhari is reelected and if the next legislative National Assembly are controlled by majority APC lawmakers.

He urged the electorate to cast their votes for President Muhammadu Buhari as well as as  all the senatorial, House of Representatives candidates and all other candidates of APC in the coming elections - beginning with the Presidential and National Assembly elections on February 16.

The Senate Committee chairman for Local content,  stressed that only a progressive APC government at the Federal level and controlling the National Assembly could  facilitate the recognition and inclusion of the Lagos  LCDAs in the constitution. 

He also declared that any politician, particularly those seeking to represent the people at the parliament, but could not face the people to state their mission or give account of their stewardship, are not worthy to be voted into office.

In a statement by Chief Kayode Odunaro, the Special Adviser on Media, Senator Adeola noted that it is an insult on the electorate who would sacrifice so much on election day under sun or rain to cast their vote, if those seeking to represent them, shied away from being accountable, responsible and responsive.

“For me, the created LCDAs in Lagos State are lawful as decided by the highest court in the land and only the PDP Federal Government of the past has frustrated the attempt for the inclusion of the created LGAs in the constitution. Now that we have an APC Federal Government, I am very hopeful that the LCDAs will be included in the Constitution. Already the LCDAs have enough structures to rival most LGAs in the constitution. 

“As your representatives from the largest senatorial district in Nigeria, I had delivered on core mandates of law makers with sponsorship of 15 bills two of which were passed as constitutional bills, moved motions that resulted in 5 Senate Resolutions establishing Ad-Hoc Investigative Committee and did two major Town Hall and Poverty Alleviation Programmes. If you re-elect me I will continue to give quality representation in the Red Chambers,” Adeola  stated. 

He said in spite of the huge population of Lagos West of some 14 million, he had touched many stakeholders’ groups and communities with donation of buses for the League of Imams, CAN, CDC, LASU, Lagos State Students Union, the Arewa Community and Eze Ndigbo of Lagos state.

He recalled that he also donated 10 pieces of 500KVA transformers, constructed boreholes and public toilets as well as empowered thousands of constituents with income generating equipment like sewing machines, welding machines, block molding machines amongst others.

Among those present at the stakeholders meeting were Eze Ndigbo of Lagos State, Eze Uchechukwu Nwanchukwu who is resident in Isolo, MC Oluomo and the chairmen of the LGA and LCDAs of Oshodi Isolo. 

From Godwin Akomah, Southwest Bureau

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