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...I haven't had the time to congratulate Simi and Adekunle Gold on their marriage recently. But my thoughts are with them whenever I hear their music. They do not sing rotten music like most musicians of their generation. Simi intrigues me when she asks that she be not asked JAMB QUESTION.What I think she means by this is that the other party is acting childishly.

 With due apologies to Simi, I would like to remind the south south region tremulous over arraignment of the chief justice of Nigeria (CJN), from the south south, that the six charges of misconduct against him are answerable like a SIMPLE JAMB QUESTION:Did you do it or did you not? And, like a good JAMB candidate, the CJN has answered those questions explicitly: Yes,  I am in the wrong. So, what's all the noisemaking and threats for?


Kudos to the South West. It is still not governed by the herd instinct. Son of the soil, Amosun, one time head of the Air force, has just forfeited N2.2 billion loot to Nigeria following EFCC prosecution before a judge from the same region as him, and the heavens are not falling. In fact, many sons and daughters of this region would like president Olusegun Obasanjo, investigated over the trillions of American dollars he invested in electricity production and supply which has come to naught. If all regions would be like the South West region, wouldn't Nigeria be a better country for all?


This is a campaign promise former vice president Atiku Abubakar should not have made in his presidential bid.I say this against the background of public perceptions of hishandling of the sale of public enterprises when he was vice president under president Olusegun Obasanjo Administration. Right or wrong, the perceptions are that he sold these enterprises to either himself directly or by proxy and to his friends and relatives. It may be for this reason that Obasanjo vowed at that time that posterity would not forgive him if he did not block Atiku's bid for public office in future.

   So, has Atiku's perception in the public eye changed?  If it hasn't, wouldn't it be said that his plan to sell the NNPC, the biggest public enterprise in Nigeria today, is to sell it to himself by proxy,  to his friends and associates? Would Atiku's impact on the economy as president not be worse than his impact as vice president? The public perception that will follow this is that Atiku and the PDP are returning to devour Nigeria's economy again.

I am not saying the NNPC does not deserve dismantling and sale.Atiku sold the refineries. Yaradua stopped the sale and refunded payments. Where are the refineries today? What I am saying has to do with public perception. Chief Obafemi Awolowo announced during campaigns that he would probe the military, at that time headed by Obasanjo as Head of State, and stop refreshments in the civil service to fund free education at all levels nationwide. Obasanjo made sure Awolowo did not succeed him. Awolowo lost Igbo votes when he said he will ban importation of second hand clothes and of stock fish which, he said, add little nutritional value. The igbos were and are still the biggest importers of second hand clothes and stock fish. Chief MKO Abiola said during campaigns that, as president, he would not award contracts to a giant construction company which was said to be helping Nigeria's big boys in government move abroad their loot from inflated contracts. He won the election but the results were annuled. He was detained for insisting that he won and died in detention. Currently, president Mohammadu Buhari is suggesting that he would be more brutal in fighting corruption if he returns to power. It is, therefore, not suprising that people who have skeletons in their cupboards are engaging him in an equally brutal battle for survival. 

By not keeping within his heart, the name he would call his child until he is born, as we are taught in the south West, Atiku Abubakar has exposed himself politically to not only the vultures devouring Nigeria's petroleum industry but to, also, those unemployed or suffering would be voters who would think he wishes to return to power again to devour left overs of the economy he couldn't munch as vice president.


As has been stated, the prevailing issue of 2019 elections is  unlikely to be the ECONOMY but CORRUPTION president Buhari moved from the SGN sector yesterday to the LOOTERS LIST, publication of which he has authorised. It promises to generate such noise making that may entomb thoughts on the economy and political restructuring of Nigeria. Atiku is championing restructuring, although he offers no details. Will his restructuring make each region semi independent of the federal government by allowing each region to control its resources.Or is it merely meant to make the local governments independent of state governments. Atiku has offered no blue print to which he can be held accountable. And vice president Yemi Osinbajo has recalled that when former Lagos state governor Bola Ahmed Tinubu championed the case for Nigeria's restructuring under the Obasanjo/Atiku administration, Atiku played a major role in frustrating the effort.

So, if restructuring and the economy are drowned,CORRUPTION will pop up visibly towards the elections. I suspect that as the last joker of Buhari, he will take Atiku to the cleaners with a publication of his startling investments in Dubai, Nigeria and other parts of the world.

The publication may cause a firestorm in the polity which would be like a sword with two sharp edges. There would be people who would say a man who could make that much money would help Nigeria make more money to revive the economy.There would be other people who would remember the trajectory of Atiku's work life which was spent largely in the customs departments and in the presidency under tenures which do not permit involvement or engagement in business.They would conclude the fabulous estate could only have come from only one source: the milking of Nigeria.


It is not out of place for a new helmsman to roll up his sleeves and offer his publics that he would move the mountains, something his predecessor in office couldn't do. 

So, the Acting Inspector General of police has been acting right on the mark with promises to wash the crimson red public image of Nigeria police till it becomes as white as snow.His first acts are reversals of some last minute decisions of his former boss, which included the reposting of the Commisioner of Police in Lagos State.

The acting IG should have learned some lessons from the experiences of president Mohammadu Buhari before he became president and after. As a presidential candidate, Buhari said petroleum subsidy was a fraud and he will not subscribe to it. Almost four years after, he is still budgeting for petroleum subsidy. 

Buhari also said he will make the naira and the dollar to stand at N1 equals one dollar. He did not realise that the dollar merchants could dig graves and keep their dollars inside or lock them up in underground bunkers fitted with air conditioners and other such places.

Today, official rate of the dollar stands at about N305. Buhari promised electricity. Although he is generating twice as much as he inherited, he did not realise that the distribution companies which he inherited from president Jonathan were mere flukes.You do not always see the entire picture of the world you are stepping into. In this world are entrenched interests that would resist change and slow your motion.Trying to overcome them by force would lead to uproar.Thus, it is better to speak less, think more, act quietly and let the results speak for themselves.

Article Written By Prince John Olufemi Kusa, A Veteran Journalist.

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