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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Borno Governor Weeps At Meeting With Buhari On Boko Haram War By Femi Kusa


   There is no doubt anymore 
 that Nigeria is at war,and that this war may become bigger than the Nigerian civil war (1966-70) because of many factors.
      Former president Ebele Jonathan did not understand the war for what it is when the Americans encouraged him to declare the enemies of Nigeria as terrorists so they could deal with them. Jonathan politely showed Washington the door
when he replied that the rebels "are our  brothers." He would later say he was not a soldier, an alibi for being a simpleton in this matter. Even when Britain, France, the United States and China came to Nigeria to help out, Jonathan dragged his feet. What finally broke the back of the camel of Nigeria's friends was the fact that Nigeria's army had been penetrated by boko haram. 

Before these friends of Nigeria came, I wondered in an article if Nigeria's army could not bomb sambisa forest with laughing gas to chase away book haram soldiers from there. Incidentally, the friends of Nigeria discuss this option with Nigeria's military. But before they could take action they discovered from drone Ariel reports that boko haram soldiers were already wearing gas masks. So, they concluded that Nigeria was not ready to be helped. 

Besides the problem of fifth columnists in the armed forces, Soldiers were underarmed. Funds for military hardware were shared among prominent Nigerians and spent on election campaigns. 

Meanwhile, Boko Haram was routing our troops, some of whose officers were working for the enemy and leading their men and officers for slaughter. In the heat of it all, boko haram captured 14 local governments in Borno state, deposed their emirs there, installed their own emirs and flew their flag. An attempt to capture and re islamise Nigeria under a virulent strain of Islam had begun.
    Despite all his bravado in the polity, there must be quiet times in his sober moments when former president Olusegun Obasanjo must regret that he may have a hand in all that is going on now through negligence of duty and deference to his friend, the governor of Borno state at that time who surrounded himself with political thugs who, on becoming jobless under a new governor, stretched their hands outside the border of Nigeria to boko haram to remain relevant in the system.
    It has taken the Buhari Administration quite an effort to reboost troops morale, rearm them with superior weapons, look out for the moles in the military, watch out for those officers who, in the culture of wars in Africa, do not wish the boko haram war to end because of their profit from military budgets that are ever going up.
    If Buhari's critics do not clap for him, he should clap for himself. A christian president saw islamisation coming and looked the other way. A second christian president said he was not trained to fight, yet he was the commander in chief of the armed forces. Buhari, a moslem who had been painted as a jihadist by his critics is the Nigerian president now fighting off fellow Moslems on a jihad mission to Nigeria.
    The governor of Borno wept when he went to the presidential villa to appeal to Buhari to hit harder at Boko haram not only because of the many people who had been killed or maimed but also, in my view, because of what may happen to Nigeria, If Nigeria loses this war. In previous posts on this subject, I have attempted to paint this unwholesome picture of what may befall Nigeria.

There is hardly any West African country which is not under Boko Haram barrage in the northern border (for those on the coastline) or Southern border (for those inland). For example, upper Volta has declared a state of emergency in areas where boko haram is most active. Sudan has no respite. Ditto central African Republic, Niger, Chad and the Cameron. The situation in the Cameron is more precarious, because, apart from a boko haram war on the northern border, a separatist war is going on in the Western border with Nigeria, which was the old Saudana province, a region of colonial Nigeria in the north which at Nigeria's independence in 1960, opted by plebiscite to be a part of the Cameroon. The civil war raging in this region may spill refugees and armed  men right from Borno state down to the South eastern states and Cross River State.

There are four groups of armies fighting the Nigerian army in the north. These are 1)Boko Haram
2)ISIS.    3)ISWA and    4)The Elzaki group backed by Iran, which is resident inside Nigeria, pretend to be evangelising but may become ambulatory at the slightest opportunity.

      All that boko haram wants is a new Islamic order in the north and conversion of Moslems and christians  in the South to that new, raw order. In that order, women would not be educated and girls would be sent off to marry after their second menstration. Thieves would have their limbs amputated. The punishment for adultery, as it is for a woman who is pregnant outside wedlock, is death by stoning. ISIS wishes for no less in a new world Islamic order. The united states Army has helped the Syrian government to defeat them in Syria after a great holocaust there, but their remnant army is scattered around may trouble spots, like spreading cancer cells infecting healthy tissue. 

The ISWA has its origns in Mali, once the center of a great and prosperous Islamic African civilisation known as the SONGHAI empire. The first university on earth, the university of Timbuktu, which derived its eminence from three prominent mosques, was cited here. In Timbuktu lies the remains of 303 Islamic evangelists who spread Islam around Africa. Colonialism by the French halted the influence of Timbuktu and Mali. So did colonialism by Britain halt the downward movement of Islam in Nigeria towards the coast. The goal of ISWA (Islamic states of West Africa) is to now continue that march on West Africa. As for El zaki, Iran is waiting in the wings. We should remember that, under president Jonathan, a shipload of arms from Iran was seized at the Lagos Ports and an Iranian suspected to have brought in the arms escaped into the Iranian embassy. Ordinarily, this should have led to a diplomatic row between Nigeria and Iran. It is possible Nigeria protested underground not to raise public fear.

 The fact that not much came out of this episode led many people in the north to assume that President Jonathan was encouraging the northern bear to devour itself and provide  nascent Biafra a safer passage  out of the Nigerian contraption than was enjoyed by the old Biafra. But Jonathan has disabused the minds of Nigeria in this notion in his new book.
     Here is where we stand ladies and gentlemen faced by a string of wars by enemies which wish to upturn the present status quo in West Africa. Borno state, unconquered in its history, is the entry point of the enemy. It would appear that Nigerians are lethargic about this war and are abandoning their army to do the job alone. Elsewhere, the entire society would rise in defence of the nation. Politicians are not helping matters. They are either praying for president Buhari to fail in this war for them to take over the presidency, or they are working for the enemies. President Jonathan told us the government knew the financiers, but he never named them.

 At that time, boko haram lost hundreds of service vehicles to Nigeria. What would it have cost to collate the chasis numbers and find out who paid for them when and where? There is a whole lot of information the Buhari administration also has which is yet to be public knowledge why is it that under Jonathan and under Buhari, no trial of the insurgents has taken place? 

In Egypt, an Islamic state, Islamic fundamentalists who burn churches, kill and maim christians are arrested and prosecuted and jailed by judges who are Moslems. In every Islamic nation, the established Islamic order is fighting back to prevent its overthrow by a rabid  and deadly Islamic order hungry for power and influence.  Did the governor of Borno weep because he sees no end to the killing and maiming of his people? His cry is, in my view is as genuine as the cry of Buhari when he lost political partnership with the south west in 2011. It is also as genuine as the cry of the then IMO state governor Sam Mbakwe over the landed property of the Igbo's stolen in the south south states and in the northern states during the civil war and code named abandoned property. It is different from the outcry of the Benue state governor and the outcry of Katsina state governor, a spoilt brat who I understand was brought up in the opulence of his father and is like a hot house plant in a friendly political weather with a little rustling of the wind. The cry of Borno state governor is a cry all Nigerians should take seriously.

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