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Monday, November 26, 2018

Osun: Aregbesola bows out, recalls engaging 12,000 teachers, others

• Aregbesola

Deji Owolabi, Osun

Governor Rauf Aregbesola of the State of Osun, in emotion laden broadcast to his people on Monday,  bids the people of the state final goodbye,  commending them for the support and encouragement accorded him and his administration in the last eight years.

Aregbesola transfers the baton of leadership of the state to 
 Gboyega Oyetola, which he reckoned as a distinctive honour of handing over to a successor from from the All Progressives Congress(APC), which hitherto, has never happened anywhere in the South West, outside of Lagos. 

The out - going Governor who took a cursory look at his administration and the many achievements, revealed that the  historical mission in Osun was to liberate the masses from the clutches and stranglehold of the few, by empowering them principally via education and  health, and thereby freeing their creative ability. 

He identified provision of accommodation to 90,000 pupils, 
supply of 50,000 eLearning tablets (Opon Imo) for grade 12 final year high school students,  recruitment of 12,000 teachers to boost manpower in the school system, 
and serving healthy and nutritious meals  to 262,000 elementary 1-4 pupils in all public schools in each school day as parts of his landmark achievements.

 He said: "Our gre atest impact is in education. Our first task when we came to office was to hold an education summit, which was chaired by Prof Wole Soyinka. From that summit emerged the blueprint we are implementing on education. 

"We have built state-of-the-art 20 elementary schools, 22 middle schools and 11 high schools which have been completed and commissioned.

"Beyond new buildings, we are also rehabilitating the old schools. We have carried out renovations on 40 other schools which give us 1,694 standard classrooms in the existing elementary, middle and high schools. 

"They provide accommodation for nearly 90,000 pupils. We have provided for them more than 100,000 desks and chairs, toilets and boreholes and made schools decent places to be.

"We have provided 50,000 eLearning tablets (Opon Imo) for grade 12 final year high school pupils in the state. This has benefitted five sets.

"In addition to building schools, we recruited more than 12,000 teachers to boost manpower in the school system. We also put in place a policy that makes teachers in elementary and middle schools to rise to grade level 16.

" We have, in addition, appointed three Tutors General, equivalent of Permanent Secretary, in the three senatorial districts in the state and nine Headmasters General for effective coordination, management and administration of elementary and middle schools in each of the nine federal constituencies in the state.

"We established the Osun Education Quality Assurance and Morality Enforcement Agency to assure education quality and enforce morality in our schools. 

"We also distributed free uniforms to pupils in public schools. The programme gave birth to a garment manufacturing company, Omoluabi Garment Company Ltd, which can employ 3,000 workers at full capacity. With the company now valued at over N3 billion, the state government’s investment in it is worth N750 million.

"We are also one of the states that pioneered free school feeding programme. In the programme, healthy and nutritious meals are being served to 262,000 elementary 1-4 pupils in all public schools in the state, every school day. 

"This is not an isolated programme. It is integrated into the agriculture and economic empowerment programmes of the state. This is because under it, 3,007 food vendors were engaged and trained to cook healthy and hygienic food for the pupils.

" To be able to feed these pupils, 15,000 whole chickens, 254,000 eggs, 35 heads of cattle and 400 tonnes of catfish are weekly bought off farmers and other producers in this state.

"O’MEALS was so successful that it attracted the attention of Partnership for Child Development (PCD) of Imperial College, London and the World Bank, both of whom have supported it and recommended it to other states and countries, as part of Sustainable Development Goals.

"I have also been invited twice by the British Parliament to speak on the programme. Osun has also been the template for its national rollout. Sometime in 2016, Osun hosted and trained other states preparing to launch this programme in their respective states," Aregbesola said.

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