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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Ogun corridor two kilometres bridge, hoodlums and travellers nightmares 

Olamide Tidjani


The approximately two kilometre stretch bridge between Berger bus stop and Arepo bus stop on Ogun State corridor of the Lagos/ Ibadan express way houses hoodlums underneath it and  have constituted themselves the nightmares of travellers, motorists and innocent passers - by who ply the bridge.

These hoodlums come out in the night to waylay any motorist whose vehicle breaks down, with dangerous weapons like dagger, machete  and gun. Their criminal acts by night is now routine.

Many are their victims, with some of them believed to have been killed there in the past, others sustain serious injuries while the lucky ones lose their belongings. 

Regrettably, some of these attacks on victims by the hoodlums occur, despite the presence of Policemen  stationed near Fagbems bus stop a short distance off the bridge.

Sure, the Ogun State Police Command, headed by the Police Commissioner, Ahmed Iliyasu, is indeed working to rid the place of these criminals lurking in wait for their next victims, but more efforts are required to win the battle and make that dreadful bridge safer for all.

Recently, a man was attacked on that bridge on his way home from an official assignment. Midway on the bridge, his vehicle broke down and as he opened the bonnet to find out what went wrong, a fierce fellow in his late twenties, swooped on him, attacked and inflicted machete cuts on his head and later stabbed him on the body with dagger. 

The helpless and injured man abandoned his vehicle and fled. It was in the hospital the following day, he realised the extent of harm inflicted on him - he could not walk properly as there was suspicion that perhaps a vital part of his body has been damaged following the machete cuts and stabbing.

There is no doubt that other people  have more gory tales to tell about their unfortunate encounter with hoodlums on that bridge. The Police in Ogun State should step up surveillance efforts on that bridge to bring sanity to it, especially in the evening and night.



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