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Monday, May 31, 2021

Gulak Called Me 48hours Before He Was murdered - Okupe

Tribute By Dr.  Doyin Okupe

Today  I deeply mourn the sudden death of my friend, associate and brother in the hands of assailants. 
Hon (Barr) Ahmed Gulak was a good man. A committed patriot and a statesman. Even though he left pdp for Apc, our relationship remained strong and intact. 
I do not have a political friend closer to me than Gulak. It never happened that we will not speak in a fortnight. He called me on friday 28th May (48hrs before his death) at 10.24pm. The line went off and he called back again and we spoke just generally although I noticed some unusual  "remoteness" in his voice during the conversation. I now will never know why.
He was a great politician with unbeatable organisational capabilities. He had great potentials but all that has been rudely and crudely terminated.
I weep this day for my bosom friend Ahmed.I weep for Nigeria. I weep for Mustapha and Al Bashir his sons and their other siblings, I weep for his widows and I weep profusely for his aged and courageous mother, who instead of running away into hiding when invaded by Boko Haram opened her doors and rained curses openly on her invaders. She repeatedly asked them to shoot her and do their worst. They did not shoot her but took her hostage in her own house which she never wilfully surrender to them for several days.
Such was the womb that bore Ahmed,this fallen Hero who was slained on Sunday.
May the Almighty God grant him eternal rest and console the family he left behind.
To APC the party he served loyally and faithfully even unto his death, I pray the recognition and goodness that was never accorded to Ahmed Gulak in his lifetime ,will now be extended to the poor family he left behind. 
The bullets of the assassins may have ended your life Gulak, but the good you did, and the legacy of service you rendered with faithfullness cannot be killed and will remain with us even till the end of time.


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