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Friday, March 5, 2021

Obasanjo : My Household Were Avoiding Me When I Tested Positive For COVID -19

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Former President Olusegun Obasanjo turned 84 on Friday, March 5,  and at a colloquium which took place both live and virtual  on the topic, "Reflection on Governance and Changes for Post - pandemic Leadership in Africa" to celebrate his new age, he disclosed that he once tested positive to the dreadful coronavirus and why Africa was spared of the kind of havoc wrecked in America, elEurope and Asia. The Daily Crucible was there.

Why Nigeria nay Africa did not experience casualties from COVID - 19 like what obtained in europe, Singapore and the United States?

They said it is the heat, it is the nature of our DNA, whatever it is, God has been protecting us. Now that we are where we are, what lessons can we lean from it, how are we going to deal with post pandemic for the good of all of us? What are the lessons we lean on what to do for another one that may come, when, we do not know? The first lesson that we must learn is that health first. Whatever it takes, the health of individual and the health of all of us collectively come first. And whatever that will cost to protect the health of our people we must do. And in dealing with health first, we have to act and deal with the protection of our neighbours not just for ourselves because if we do protection for yourself only and not your neighbour, your health is not safe. Health first, but for yourself and your neighbour is important.collective protection is  what we have failed to do. 

But there is now vaccine for it, it has arrived Nigeria and that will go a long way to save us....

If we don't have the facilities to produce vaccine, we can have sense to come together and do collective purchase of the vaccine. We don't know when or what they are delivering to us and that is another problem. How do we take care of it, this is a very sensitive vaccine. Have we prepared to be able to keep them. These are some of the things I thought this exercise (colloquium) will bring out, if not for now but for the future.

It appears Nigeria nay Africa is fairing better despite all odds

We are not out of the wood yet, even when it goes down, we do not know even countries enforcing that everybody should collect  the vaccine, they are still insisting that they wear nose mask and use hans sanitizer. It is important you do these things even when you have taken vaccine.
It will surprise you that I was tested positive for covid-19. I called them to come and test me, they came on a Saturday, I didn't get the result till Wednesday and it came out positive but I don't see any symptoms. When they came three days after they tested me and said I am negative, that is three days after I tested positive. My daughter, Iyabo is an epidemiologist and I called her to explain, she said maybe they tested me at the later stage of your being positive. I told her I had no symptoms and she said it could be a faulty result. But I was tested positive. Since then I have been tested three times negative, so, if you want to come near me, you can come near me.

Family reaction on testing positive to COVID - 19 

It is nothing to worry about, when I was tested positive, my household were running from me, I told them to stay in their place while I stay in mine. I trust MMG, they asked what that is, I said my mind and my mind does not tell me I have covid-19. 
The next is my medication, I have medication that I use, I use herb because a professor of medicine was the one who told the that herbs should not be ignored. He said 80% of drugs have their origin in local herbs. The herbs will boost your immunity. A professor told me that every living thing have inbuilt process of healing while doctors take care, God does the healing.

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