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Friday, December 4, 2020

I Was Happy When My Son Was Given An Appointment By Gov Abiodun - Oba Tella

                          •Oba Olusoji Tella

Veteran teacher and traditional ruler of Isaga Orile in Abeokuta North Local Government Area of Ogun State, Oba Olusoji Tella, is happy for the benevolence of God upon him since being on the throne of his ancestors. The revered monarch bares his mind briefly to The Daily Crucible as he is set to celebrate another  coronation anniversary this December.

Kabiesi, you are in a cheerful mood, what is the secret ?

Each time I look back, I have cause to thank God for His Mercy and be happy about it. Besides, my coronation anniversary comes up this month of December. I'm very happy because when I was younger,  I took ill and was so sick at the time that people thought I would not survive it, I thank God because I'm alive. 

How has it been like since being on the throne?

I have been on this throne since 29years ago and it will be 30years this December. I was a teacher when I was chosen to become the king of Isaga Orile. I combined the two roles and performed them simultaneously. I do my job as a king and I also performed my duty as a school teacher when I was still in the service.

Traditional rulers are at liberty by culture to marry many wives as they please. How come you are one - wife - traditional ruler?
There are some kings that marry more than one wife but for me,  I have only one wife. When I lost the only wife that I got married to,  then I have to marry another wife. I'm comfortable with one wife.

What has changed in Isaga Orile since becoming the monarch?

Since I have been on the throne, there have been changes in my community, and I will say positive changes because if you take a look at our road, it is tarred. Before, it was not tarred. Also, the old churches and mosques have all been rehabilitated.

What is your disposition towards Governor Dapo Abiodun - led government in Ogun State?

I was very happy when my son Prince Tunde Tella was given an appointment as the Transition chairman committee of Abeokuta North Local Government, and I always pray for him to spend his tenure with longevity. We should align ourselves with  the present administration and give it the necessary support to succeed. We should follow their rules and regulations. 
However, the king must take  responsiblity in respect of his domain too and take care of the people living in his community for them to have progress. 

What are your expectations concerning the future of Isaga Orile community?
It is sustenance of the prevailing peace. More development. Those coming later should also sustain the peace and tranquility of Isaga Orile after my demise and also make Isaga move forward. People should come home, build houses, companies in the community and develop it. I believe that are some of the ways to open up  the rural areas.

Going back the memory lane, can you recall anyday that you wished it never came? 

A day I can never forget in my life is when I lost my parents, it was painful and shocking to me. The sense of loss was heavy on me then, I felt their absence because I was pampered by my parents. My father was a farmer, he would take us to farm always and whereever he was going,  we cut fire wood for cooking on our way back from the farm. 

What advice do have for the young ones in your domain and the society generally?

My advice to the young ones is that they should be doing good. They should always do their best in everywhere they find themselves.
You will know when you are doing good or bad . Always do good .

What is your relationship with other traditional rulers in Egbaland like?

I have good relationship with other kings. The Alake is the paramount ruler of Egba land. I respect him a lot even though I'm older than him. 

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