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Saturday, November 7, 2020

U.S 2020 : Biden Maintains Lead In Pennsylvania, Others

US Election 2020 Results: Biden vs Trump | Presidential race updates | Georgia, Pennsylvania, Nevada & Arizona

Presidential Election 2020: 

Current Electoral College votes per candidate (270 needed to win):

Joe Biden: 264
Donald Trump: 214

Biden continues to stretch his lead in Pennsylvania, now leading Trump by nearly 29,000 votes with 96% of ballots counted. Biden is also ahead in Nevada by 1.8pp and up by 7,248 votes in Georgia, where a mandatory recount will happen 

- Donald Trump leads by 76,479 votes in North Carolina remains with more than 99% counted

- States remaining to be called are: Georgia (16 electoral college votes), Nevada (6), Pennsylvania (20), North Carolina (15), Alaska (3). Biden is currently ahead in four of these states. All result releases are expected to slow over the weekend 

- White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows has tested positive for covid-19, and Ja'Ron Smith has resigned

- Murdoch-owned media urge Trump to show grace in defeat

- Joe Biden gave a short speech saying that while they are waiting for the final numbers, the result is clear, he will be the president elect. Says he is already holding meetings with experts about covid-19 and is planning to boost the economy

- In 27 states there have been more coronavirus cases announced in the past week than in any other seven-day stretch since the pandemic began

- Donald Trump has been roundly criticised for his poisonous rhetoric Thursday night, which fellow Republican Mitt Romney described as 'damaging'

source : en.as.com

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